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7 Steps To A Super Creative You

Here are 7 steps to becoming super creative in your unique way. Any of these tips used alone are powerful, combine many of them and your creativity will soar!

Step 1: Eliminate creativity-limiting beliefs. What are your REAL beliefs about creativity and your own creative abilities? If, deep down, you don’t believe you’re creative, it will always be a glass ceiling to what you can achieve. Weed out those destructive negative beliefs and replace them with positive, creativity enhancing alternatives.

Step 2 Recognize your creative strengths and talents. We each have a unique set of creative talents and strengths. Make a list of yours, both specific skills like “I’m great at drawing faces” as well as wider reaching strengths such as “I am highly motivated” and “I have great passion for creating”. You’ll be amazed at how much you have going for you.

Step 3: Gather your creative ideas. The creation of anything begins with an idea. How do you gather yours? Keep an Ideas Journal with you wherever you go and jot down your ideas as they come to you. Once you get into this habit you’ll find a constant flood of great creative at your fingertips.

Step 4: Have a creativity enhancing workspace. Do you have a specific area or desk for your creative work? If you have to spend 15 minutes clearing up just to see the surface of your desk each time you go to create, it will kill your motivation. Set up a creative space you can go to and get creating in a matter of moments.

Step 5: Focus on one creative project. A classic cause of creative block is overwhelming yourself with too many projects at once then not getting anywhere with any of them. Start with one small project, and get yourself familiar with each step of the creative process from idea to completion, then move on to another.

Step 6: Create a little each day. Creating erratically or “when you have time” is a recipe for frustration. Creativity can only blossom to its fullest when it has a regular flow, and the best way of reaching this is to create a little each day. This is the secret to building indestructible creativity habits that will last your lifetime.

Step 7: Get some support along the way. You needn’t live the stereotypical life of the lonely tortured artist. These days more than ever there are groups and communities you can join to give you the support, feedback and creative companionship that can spur you to new levels of creativity.

Which tip will you start to apply in YOUR creative life today?

Source by Dan Goodwin