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Acting on Inspiration

How many good ideas have you had that you simply never did anything about? And have you ever noticed that some of the most successful people are where they are because they took action to progress some really simple idea – the kind of idea that you say to yourself “I could have thought of that!”? Of course, the difference between you and these super-successful people is down to one simple thing – they take action, normal people don’t. Normal people prefer to resort to useless self-defeating thoughts like “I could never do something like that” or “I wouldn’t know how to go about it” or, perhaps most prevalent of all “Look at what I’ve got to lose”. You’ve nothing to lose except, perhaps, the normal mundane humdrum of ordinary life and that inner sinking feeling that your life will never be anything other than “not too bad”.

Normal people simply cannot see themselves breaking out of their routine lives. This is how normal people – and most of us are normal – have been pre-programmed by the way and the environment in which we were brought up. Our formative years have left an indelible stain on our subconscious minds. And because we live amongst other normal people, we find daily encouragement to do nothing different, nothing exciting with our lives. We’re all normal together. We think that it’s alright to be normal – not just that, that to be abnormal is something to fear. I know quite a number of people who simply haven’t got the guts to listen to their instinct, leap out of the normal and follow their dream. One individual in particular springs to mind who was never sure if he could earn enough money (whatever enough is) if he were to do the one thing in life that really turned him on. Unfortunately, he never found out – he died of cancer in his thirties having settled for the comfortable predictable option of doing more of the same with his life. He died disillusioned.

His time ran out more quickly than most. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that time is running out for you and I as I write these words and as you read them. You’ve already had countless opportunities in life that you never even noticed. This is because you’re normal and years of research in the field of psychology have proven that normal people only perceive what they expect to perceive. Even in the case of the opportunities you did notice, some of them probably required bold decisions on your part and you didn’t take them. That’s because you’re normal – and such decisions are only bold or courageous to normal people. The fact is, if you’re normal, you’ve got into an adult lifetime’s habit of taking the easy option, the one that guarantees more of the same. But abnormally successful people don’t see what they’re doing as bold or courageous – they simply see it as something that they have to do.

So ask yourself a couple of simple questions. Are you one hundred percent happy with the life that you have? Do you want more out of life? More fun, more excitement, more money, more time to do the things that really turn you on. Do you want less of certain things in your life? Less worry, less stress, less hassle, less fatigue, less boredom. What would your ideal life be like?

These are questions that normal people never ask themselves – either because they’re not uncomfortable enough being normal, they’re too lazy or too downright scared of being different or of having to take what they perceive as a risk. These are questions you must ask yourself. When you know the answers then you simply have to develop your ability to listen to your inspiration. You’ve got to develop your innate ability to pay attention. Start with a couple of little steps – learn how to pay attention to what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste in the course of your ordinary everyday life – because, in doing so, you will begin to perceive things that the normal mind would not expect to perceive. You will have broken the mould.

In developing this ability, you will begin to pay attention to the things that occur to you that are outside the norm. You’ve got to understand that the norm is simply a set of dos and don’ts agreed upon by normal people who, psychology proves, are stark raving mad. The normal person’s subconscious controls them – not the other way around. It’s that pre-programmed subconscious that tells you “No you can’t” when, in fact you can achieve anything that really turns you on, anything in which you truly believe.

Copyright (c) 2010 Willie Horton

Source by Willie Horton