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Amin’s Barbarity [Genocidal Slaughter in Uganda/1970s] a Poem With Notes

Amin’s Barbarity

[Genocidal Slaughter in Uganda/1970s]

Weep because I know all things: how

To eat the flesh of my dead;

To feed my foe, to the Nile crocodiles

(and watch their bodies flow over Owen Falls).

Corpses, corpse, vultures and wild animals:

Big Daddy they called me: I even plotted

A coup against my king:

Amongst many other things.

I became a madman they say

(hammering my people like iron bars,

car axles; pools of blood on all my walls)

Those countries would like to have crushed me.

The Whites and Asians hated me–; and I,

Yes I dismembered my wife and killed her lover you see–

Thereafter, I stitched her limbs back on, but opposite.

(And showed them to my many kids.)) Said: a bad mother she was.))

No, her breasts would never rest on his bed again.

I had many lovers, wives, and children

In Exile (Saudi Arabia) they came and bid me well.

I lived in the lap of luxury, until I died,

And now I’m here in Hell!

O’ beast of Uganda, I am; I am

No mans friend–Oh, God

Oh God, Must I endure

Your ardent Echoes

…Again, again

And Again


Dedicated to Idi Amin, Uganda’s Ex President (now dead for some three years) and I imagine, thinking about all this in his abyss-cell. 10/22/2006 #1531. Idi Amin is responsible for the civilian slaughter of some 500,000-lives, that the United Nations did nothing about. In his last days he lived under the protection of the Koran, in Saudi Arabia, America’s Great Friend, in the lap of luxury, having a Cadillac to drive around, and so forth and so on. I don’t think he is practicing on his accordion where he is now though. He was illiterate, and could be charming, but utterly unscrupulous, and whatever goes with that.

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.