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Chan Chan and The Gorriones (Two Poems in English and Spanish)

The following two poems, one in English, the other in English and Spanish were done during this ongoing trip in Peru, while in Lima, although the poem concerning: Chan Chan was oriinally started last year,while at the ancient site in Northern Peru, it was just finished recently.

The Gorriones of Lima

It is fall all around me–

The Gorriones are swimming in the air

Underneath the Lima sky

As if–, if fish could fly…

Summer has gone its way

It is fall again I say!

The birds–, they just walk on by

Looking, as if, if on parade–


The world keeps spinning;

They just do not see it

Until the hour comes…

When the sun goes down!…


Things get a little dim;

Yet the Gorriones keep on swimming

Gracefully, swimming, in the wind–

Under the Lima sky… .

Note: #634 (4-30-05) Written in Lima, Peru

A Short,

Saga of Chan Chan

English Version

The Mochicas built the Great Temples

Of the Sun and Moon

(For I have seen them)

Long before Tacaynamo

Came from the Sea…

Who gave birth to the name

Called, “The Moche,” of Chan Chan!

Long before the Inca conquest

Of the Chimus!…

Long before the conquest of

This land, called Peru!…

Note: taken from notes taken at the archeological site last April 2004, and revised, April 2005, into poetic form. –#633.

Un Cuento Corto,

de Chan Chan

Spanish Version

Los Mochicas construyeron los Grandes Templos

Del Sol y Luna

( Ya que los he visto)

Mucho antes Tacaynamo

Vino del Mar…

Quien dio a luz al nombre

¡Llamado, ” el Moche, ” de Chan Chan!

Mucho antes de la conquista inca

¡De los Chimus!…

Mucho antes de la conquista de

¡Esta tierra, llamada Peru!…

Note: tomado de apuntes tomados en el sitio arqueológico el abril de 2004 pasado, y revisado, abril de 2005, en forma poética. – *633.

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

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