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Creative Inspiration – How Are You Leaving Your Unique Creative Fingerprints On The World?

Most of us who are creative have two major motivations to create.

The first is to discover more about ourselves, figure out who we are, what’s important to us and where we’re heading.

Our creative art in whatever form it takes allows us to experiment, explore and step by step become more ourselves.

The second major motivation to create is to connect with others.

To somehow touch, enrich and add a little colour to the lives of other people, whether they’re people around us, or until now complete strangers.

So think for a moment how this happens in your creative life.

What creative fingerprints are you leaving on the lives of others?

How does your creativity enhance and inspire other people to create more, to understand themselves better, and ultimately be more happy and at peace with themselves?

You might well be thinking: “But how can I do that, I’m not a best selling author or a renowned painter with works in galleries around the world? How can someone like me do any good with what I create?”

What you may be overlooking is that your art, the “creative product” that results at the end of a new project is only a small part of the story.

There are many ways to get your art in front of the eyes of an appreciative audience – especially since the explosion of the internet. But there are other ways, equally powerful and inspiring ways, you can leave your creative fingerprints.

As important as WHAT you create is HOW you create.

Imagine you have a day job local to where to live and walk to work every morning. You regularly pass a young man in a coffee shop, who always has a sketchbook out, scribbling away. You’ve never seen the result of his creativity, in fact it’s not relevant to the impression he leaves on you.

Just by seeing that young man publicly creating each day, being brave enough to demonstrate through his actions that creating is something important enough to him that he has no fear or embarrassment about drawing in the midst of a crowded coffee shop, can’t fail to inspire you.

Or maybe every evening you walk home past a dance studio and see a mature couple in each other’s arms, gracefully gliding through the kind of steps they’ve danced a million times before, still with the same passion and enjoyment that they had when they were young and first met.

Again, you couldn’t help but be inspired and encouraged in your own creativity.

You too can be the young guy sketching in the coffee shop, or the dancing couple. Just by stepping up and creating each day, you also can touch the lives of other creative people, lead by example and say “Creating is a core part of my life, I’m showing my commitment to that by showing up each day and simply creating.”

Think of some of the ways you can do this today. Then put them into action. You have no idea just what kind of fingerprints you could leave on the creative life of another…

Source by Dan Goodwin