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English Poetry. Henry Newbolt. When I Remember. Генри Ньюболт.

Henry Newbolt (Генри Ньюболт)

When I Remember

When I remember that the day will come
  For this our love to quit his land of birth,
  And bid farewell to all the ways of earth
With lips that must for evermore be dumb,

Then creep I silent from the stirring hum,
  And shut away the music and the mirth,
  And reckon up what may be left of worth
When hearts are cold and love's own body numb.

Something there must be that I know not here,
Or know too dimly through the symbol dear;
  Some touch, some beauty, only guessed by this---
If He that made us loves, it shall replace,
Beloved, even the vision of thy face
  And deep communion of thine inmost kiss

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