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English Poetry. William Schwenck Gilbert. Songs of a Savoyard. The Darned Mounseer. Уильям Швенк Гильберт.

William Schwenck Gilbert (Уильям Швенк Гильберт)

Songs of a Savoyard. The Darned Mounseer

I shipped, d’ye see, in a Revenue sloop,
      And, off Cape Finisteere,
            A merchantman we see,
            A Frenchman, going free,
      So we made for the bold Mounseer,
                  D’ye see?
      We made for the bold Mounseer!
But she proved to be a Frigate—and she up with her ports,
      And fires with a thirty-two!
            It come uncommon near,
            But we answered with a cheer,
      Which paralysed the Parley-voo,
                  D’ye see?
      Which paralysed the Parley-voo!
Then our Captain he up and he says, says he,
      “That chap we need not fear,—
            We can take her, if we like,
            She is sartin for to strike,
      For she’s only a darned Mounseer,
                  D’ye see?
      She’s only a darned Mounseer!
But to fight a French fal-lal—it’s like hittin’ of a gal—
      It’s a lubberly thing for to do;
            For we, with all our faults,
            Why, we’re sturdy British salts,
      While she’s but a Parley-voo,
                  D’ye see?
      A miserable Parley-voo!”

So we up with our helm, and we scuds before the breeze,
      As we gives a compassionating cheer;
            Froggee answers with a shout
            As he sees us go about,
      Which was grateful of the poor Mounseer,
                  D’ye see?
      Which was grateful of the poor Mounseer!
And I’ll wager in their joy they kissed each other’s cheek
      (Which is what them furriners do),
            And they blessed their lucky stars
            We were hardy British tars
      Who had pity on a poor Parley-voo,
                  D’ye see?
      Who had pity on a poor Parley-voo!

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