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Signs of a Legitimate Product Seller

A lot of companies are now specializing in the sale and distribution of specially formulated homeopathic supplements in easily digestible forms. To determine if it is a legitimate product seller, here are some of the telltale signs of a company’s stamp of approval.

1) Abundance of literature

With every purchase, there is a great amount of literature that is provided with the product. Even when just browsing, there is also a fair amount of literature given to help in the decision-making process. The packaging would also provide an indication of the genuiness of the product and seller. If their product is sold repackaged then this is a red flag as to the safety and reliability of the product being purchased. Not only is the product literature included, but also complementary products carried by the seller. If there is none provided, then be on guard as to the genuineness of the product.

2) Networking

Some company operates through a networking marketing system. They seek out jobseekers to be employed as their agents and the agents earn on the basis of sales commissions. The networking model is used as the initial basis to generate sales. If there is any other means that the product is sold, then there may be issues as to the products being sold.

3) Guarantees and warranties

The products are covered by guarantees as to the health and safety of the products being sold. Also, there are money back warranties as to product effectivity. A legitimate seller would provide certificates of guarantee for the products sold to consumers. In the absence of these, then be wary of the seller.

Source by Jeff C Hoffman