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The Artist’s Way – More Zaps For Your Blocked Creativity & Your Use of Time

 One of the most fascinating things about creativity, whether explored in an artist’s way gathering, alone or with a casual group, is that it is innate. Yes, those seeds of creativity are within each of us when we are born. Some know how to nourish & grow those seeds into full-fledged creative lives. Others postpone their cultivation. Some start then stop feeling stuck or blocked. As someone who loves to encourage others to un-block and get going with creative ideas, I’ve developed long lists of what I call, “zaps” to either support what’s next or to un-block the pathway. Here is a random sampling of 3:

  1. Institute a mail policy. Immediately upon picking up your mail, toss the junk into the recycle bin, put the bills in one exact, dedicated place and your social mail in another. You get to decide if it’s a conventional in/out box, an accordion file or decorated boxes you enjoy. Just be sure you have a system that is logical for YOU. Do this with conviction for 10 days in a row & the time you save & energy freed from having implemented a system are boosts for your creativity.
  2. Monitor your TV time. Just notice. Take an inventory for a week or 10 days or so. After continuing your TV habits the way they are now & doing the monitoring, notice if you are surprised at how much time you ‘gel’ in front of the TV. After the week or 10 days of paying attention, are you willing to consider making a policy to plan ahead for your TV time?  Schedule it; record what you want and use that extra/gained time for the next tip or for expanding your creativity in other ways. If you catch yourself plopping down with the remote in hand, ask yourself if this is really the best use of your time and energy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you do this suggestion.
  3. DREAM or VISION or FOCUS-do you have a vision board? Or a list of “some day I want to”? The time you are now not using for TV can be spent in planning or researching or creating a planning book for your dreams. They matter. They’re yours alone and you are the one to participate in making them come true. Whether you are gaining back 30 minutes from your TV reduction or several hours, that is time in the bank for your creative projects. Do you have a space to work? Are your pencils sharp?  Is there one small action you’re ready to take now?  Go for it!

Source by Leslie Gebhart