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The Vibrant Inspiration of Spring & Garden Wedding Favors

A spring wedding is an enchanting occasion, with the scent of new life everywhere as all the world is reborn. Springtime is perfect for new beginnings, which makes it a popular choice for weddings. The days are dusted with the splendid sight of new blossoms and a feeling of rebirth and hope. The garden is the symbol of spring, with all its flowering plants and birds and butterflies. A garden backdrop or theme is therefore the perfect accompaniment to a springtime wedding.

The essence of spring tends to permeate every detail of a garden wedding ceremony from start to finish. Garden wedding favors fit very well into the overall scheme, as these small gifts for guests can easily represent the flavor of spring and the vivaciousness of the garden. What is perhaps most convenient about spring wedding favors is that they can come in a large variety of styles and objects, making it easy to fit garden wedding favors into almost any ceremony, from casual to formal.

Wedding favors might not always be considered an important detail, but the selection of the best possible ones can really add something to your joyous event. Favors are a way for the bride and groom to thank their guests for sharing in the celebration of their love. This is important in any wedding, as the formal ceremonies involved are not just about two people, but they are a community celebration in which the guests are the family and friends of the couple. Expressing affection and gratitude to this community on your big day is an important gesture, and choosing the right garden wedding favors can make your special occasion stick out in the memory of your guests. Spring wedding favors even add a message of hope and inspiration that you pass along to your guests, offering the promise of new things.

Flowers are a common motif in spring weddings, but they are not the only possibility. For a springtime ceremony, favors for guests may include birds, baby animals, and butterflies. Flowers though, are the symbol of spring as fresh blooms peek out of the earth and open to the gentle sun of the warmer season. When it comes to using flowers for garden wedding favors, there are so many different varieties and colors that it is very easy to find one that suits the ceremony. Some flowers may be more playful, others more romantic. Some come in vibrant colors, others in gentler tones. If a wedding has a particular color scheme, it is certainly possible to find the right blossoms to match. Some spring wedding favors may include many different symbols of spring, and can vary from guest to guest.

Garden wedding favors can easily incorporate spring themes in gifts that can fit any occasion, and may be fun and useful as well. There are so many options for picking out the wedding favors. Candles can have spring motifs, or picture frames. Perhaps a decorated pen and notebook set. Because there are so many different options for garden wedding favors, with a little flash of flower blossoms, garden wedding favors can be selected to fit any ceremony and any price range.

The mood of the event can be enhanced by a garden theme. Some spring themed weddings may include garden wedding favors that have a spirit of fun and mischief to them, while others might go more toward the formal elegance of flowers in muted colors and old-fashioned styles. Spring and garden wedding favors can really fit a variety of wedding styles. Finding the right type of garden wedding favors that match your ceremony is very important.

Source by Aaron Hu