Soliloquy In A Tub poem – Amy Cavanaugh poems | Poems and Poetry

Tonight I possess the gliding tides of water: Translucent and true. Their perfect perfumes Foam and bubble To coat the surface. Beneath the surface The wondrous water Knows no streak of daylight. Diligently Like a drink It hydrates My awakening face My brown curls And that intangible wonder Dubbed ‘a mind.’ Like a sun of […]

Reviving My Feminity poem – Amy Cavanaugh poems | Poems and Poetry

Lifeless – she lies on the cold-blooded floor Like a rug without its warmth and comfort. Nothing but an old ceiling fan gladly stirs the air And lets it tap the ends of her still soft hair. Creaking – the wooden floor beneath my Chilled feet smells of old tradition. I creep – tip-toeing in […]

Portrait of Rage and Age poem – Amy Cavanaugh poems | Poems and Poetry

The couple stands still – Hand-drawn And perky like dawn. Femininity had silently signed The brown paper-like frame Into her own – Using her signature Nail-polish-painted red rose And almost cherry lipstick. Age has her black hair Up in twin buns – Almost a couple themselves. Rage manages – Somehow To sneak no peek at […]

Introspection In Evening poem – Amy Cavanaugh poems | Poems and Poetry

I acquire the sensational psychology in me Which reliably wraps my mind and me Up in a blissful blanket of yarn – Hand-knitted by Creativity herself. Heater-like – The blanket bathes Us in a glow Of what light feels like. My mind and I breathe united as An inseparable couple. Friend-like – We gleefully greet […]

For Fixation Who Loves Me Back poem – Amy Cavanaugh poems | Poems and Poetry

The evening dips – Dips into mourners blue Like Childhood’s perfect paint. Fury. Fireflies Flash like tiny cameras. A lonely car Swishes its windy way down The real road. You – You pop your smiling Cushion face out the window. Now you shrink Into Depths of distance – But there you go again. Again. And […]

A March Afternoon poem – Amy Cavanaugh poems | Poems and Poetry

The lovely terrific ground Wears a paved path And a glamorous glow: Unblocked by barren branches Of premature spring. Somewhere The woods terminate – Giving a kind of birth to a field. And on that flat field The grass still licks And drinks the Rain of revival From last night’s Shimmering showers. A young girl’s […]

A February Night poem – Amy Cavanaugh poems | Poems and Poetry

Like an alley The street hides between Trees of brown rattling leaves In the daring depths of dark. The swirling wind above Wrestles itself: Spinning its airy way Down the vacant road. Aged rain water Leaves its signature in mirror-like puddles On the unpure pavement And in the mind I call mine. I fake possession […]