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The Poetry Monster is a monstrously disorganized space: It is also a virtual cave filled with literary treasure. Here you will find poems and essays, all disorderly dumped and heaped one upon another, often with some rhyme but no reason, and a blog maintained by Fledermaus. This site is multilingual.

Poems and poetry by subject, all sorts of stuff is here

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Poems in English, as is, a veritable poetry stream. 

Batty Poems by Fledermaus (or the Bat). 



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Here is the millennia-worth of Anglophone poetry as well as translations of world poetry into English.

Poems by William Wordsworth

Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Poems by John Milton 

Poems by Ezra Pound

Poems by John Keats 

Poems by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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Poems by Amy Lowell

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Poems by Alan Seeger

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