Pictures from the front page


Иллюстрации и открытки
Odlion Redon, )1840-1916), la méditation.

Pictures from the front page

This is the virtual dormitory for the front page illustrations

Autumn. An allegory by David Teniers the Yonger, David Teniers de Jonge, (1610-1690)
June. July, August, Summer by Sergei Vinogradov (1869-1938)


May. A 1944 illustration from the children’s Murzilka magazine.

Валентин Серов. Ледовое побоище. Апрель
April. The Battle of the Ice by Valentin Serov


March. The Russian Triumph, the Battle of Poltava by Alexander Kotzebue    (1862, The Hermitage Museum)


February – the Army of Don

Иллюстрации и открытки

Happy New  Year. Regardless if you celebrate the New Year’s Eve according to the Julian or Gregorian Calendar or perhaps both


The magic Pegasi of Odilon Redon (Odilon Redon; 1840, Bordeaux – 1916) – all were on the site’s screen saver and its home page. Odilon Redon is one of the first symbolist artists. His pegasi are incomparable, and here is only a small sampler.

redon_pegase O1_OdilonRedon_Pégase_et_l'hydre

O7_OdilonRedon_Pégase_et_l'hydre_1907 O6_Pegase_Odilon_Redon

O5_Pegase_Odilon_Redon O4_Pegase_Odilon_Redon O2_Pegase_noire_Odilon_Redon




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