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Submit a poem
Submit a poem

Unlike that Saxon Witkind guy who had to submit to Charlemagne, you don’t have to. Poetry submissions are absolutely voluntary.  

For the time being the submission form is disabled, but don’t be shy, log in either after registering or with your own yahoo, (“в контакте”) or disqus  ID and then submit content to your heart’s content.  

If you’d prefer to have at least an opportunity of logging in with your Google account, then let me know. It’s an option all right, but I haven’t set it up yet as disqus, yahoo and vk appear as more than sufficient alternatives to those who are too lazy to register with one’s own email. 


—————————————- – a search engine from France, good for searches in French as well as other Romance and Germanic languages. They had just stopped providing their service in Russia (don’t even get me started) 

Current notices. Could be dated.

  1. Charlemagne Reçoit à Paderborn La Soumission De Witikind, Roi Des Saxons En 785, par / by Ary Scheffer 1795-1858, Charlemagne Receives the Submission Witikind King of the Saxons in 785 at Paderborn[]