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The Repository
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Poetry Library — The Repository —  Poetry in English

This is the repository of world poetry, in English, with links to poetry collections in other languages and parallel translations.  It is the treasure chest of the world’s poetic heritage. To which you are welcome to contribute.

Poems by miscellaneous Russian authors, anonymous or not, modern folk poems, in English translation.

Poems by Aeschylus

Poems by Alcaeus

Poems by AR Ammons

Poems by Alfred Austin

Baker, Aaron

Poems by Aaron Baker

Bryant, William Cullen

Poems by William Cullen Bryant

Poems by Robert Burns

Poems by Ada Cambridge

Cleveland, John

Poems by John Cleveland 

Cowley, Abraham 

Poems by Abraham Cowley 

Poems by Ada Cross

Poems by William Dunbar 

Cross, Zora Bernice May

Poems by Zora May Bernice Cross 

Poems by Alistair Crowley

Davies, William Henry 

Poems by W. H. Davies 

Poems by Alec Derwent-Hope

Poems by Alan Dugan

Poems by Aldous Huxley

Poems by Alexander Lindsay Gordon

 Letts, Winifred Mary

Poems by Winifred Mary Letts 

Poems  by Adah Isaacs Menken

Milne, Alan Alexander 

Poems by A.A. Milne

Alexander Pushkin

Poems by Alexander Pushkin, in English translation

Poems by Adrienne Rich

Poems by Alan Seeger

Taylor, Ann

Poems by Ann Taylor

Poems by AS Tessimond

Wycherley, William

Poems by William Wycherley

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  1. Carl Spitzweg, 1808-1885,  der Bücherwurm, around 1850,  Museum Georg Schäfer, Schweinfurt[]