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Galleria Palatina di Palazzo Pitti, a Firenze, Baldassare Peruzzi ( 1481 – 1536)

Poems and poetry by author and author category, time period, era, poetic movement; arranged somewhat liberally, imprecisely and in a manner that may appear inaccurate or, to some, even biased but this is an ongoing living endeavor and, besides, — God forbid, — I am not making any claims to perfection.

Ancient Greek Poetry in English translation



Late Medieval Poetry

William Dunbar 

English baroque, the 16th and the early 17th century:

Abraham Cowley

William Wycherley

18th Century

Robert Burns

19th Century American Romanticism

William Cullen Bryant 

19th Century
19th Century Russian Poetry in translation

Alexander Pushkin (Pouchkine)


Alexander Block (Blok)

British poetry from the late 19th and early 20th century

Aleister Crowley

Alfred Austin

W.H. Davies 

A. E. Housman

Fin de siècle

Alexander Block 1

Aleister Crowley

Alan Seeger

Great War Poets

Alan Seeger

Australian poetry

Ada Cambridge, Ada Cross

Alec Derwent-Hope

Adam Lindsay Gordon


Twentieth Century British Poetry

Aldous Huxley

A. S. Tessimond


Contemporary American Poetry

Archie Randolm Ammons

Alan Dugan

Adrienne Rich


Contemporary Poetry

Alec Derwent-Hope

Aaron Baker



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