Russian poems in translation, miscellaneous poems

Russian poems in translation

This is a small section with poems by miscellaneous Russophone authors who do not have their pages on their own, at least not on this website, who are not poets per se, but who might have written an occasional poem or two, as well anonymous authors (and believe me, there could be a multitude of reasons to stay anonymous) and by the so-called popular authors or, in the modern language, works of poetic folklore, urban, rural and otherwise.

The main section for this sort of poetry and “poetry” is in the Russian half of the Poetry Monster’s domain. You’d have to switch the website language to Russian though.

Poets with “their own pages”, in English, are confined to the Repository. Go check it out and add some poets on your own. Or just add yourself.  A huge and growing collection of “real” Russian poetry is in the Russian version of the Repository, but you’d have to switch languages (you can find the switch is in the top section of this page).

German and French, as well as Mandarine Chinese, versions of this site are coming soon even though, alas, some minor delays en route are expected. These are primarily caused by time restraints and by the sad fact that I cannot clone myself.

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