Poetry Monster, a Community and the World’s Largest Poetry Library Online

Poetry Monster, a Community and the World's Biggest Poetry Library Online, illustraion

Poetry Monster, a Community and the World’s Largest Poetry Library Online.

Poetry Monster, a Community and the World’s Biggest Poetry Library Online

Poetry Library –
A Welcome Word from Fledermaus.

This place is about poetry, poems, poetic works of different genres, eras, and time periods. This is a Poetry Library. A repository of the world’s most beautiful poems.  Though there is a quite a few ugly ones here as well. And it is also a community for poets, lovers of poetry, those who appreciate art in all its forms. It’s also an online library.  And not just a library but probably the largest library of poems and poetic works as well. Though you can’t see everything it,  Poetry Monster represents the largest collection of poetic works. It is the world’s biggest repository of poetry online.

Poetry Monster is a monstrously diverse place for poetry.

This introductory message, quite like everything else in life, is of a temporary nature. I’ll soon move it to some other place on the site but for now, it is going to stay here.

So, welcome to (the) Poetry Monster, a somewhat unusual poetry website, a nascent community and, I hope, a repository of outstanding poetry collections in several languages.

Here we can share our own words and thoughts as well as thoughts by others. Poetic or not. In English or in other languages.

With time, we’ll add a new section with parallel translations. But I can’t promise when that will exactly happen. Obviously, I’d appreciate any help with this endeavor.

For the time being the little Monster dwells in a short enfilade of caves. Its residence has an English, Russian, and a (largely machine-translated) Mandarin Chinese section, but I hope to add German and French “departments” to the labyrinth. Germans, French and Italian poems are already here.



That’s why I want this to become a communal effort or rather a collective endeavor. A place where people from different backgrounds and cultures can either mingle if they want to but also stay apart in their separate linguistic and cultural caves if they don’t.

Poetry Monster – as its name implies – and that’s also the website’s URL, is a place that has a light side to it. The cave is not dark and the monster is not scary (notwithstanding the improvised verse that follows this introduction below).

And here is an improvised piece of verse for the occasion:

Poetry Monster
Monster Cave
Monster Cave

1 This was improvised as a welcome message in verse for (the) Poetry Monster  Please come in and help the poor poetic monster clean up organize his messy cave.

This Monster’s Cave looks like a mess
Though this is a disorder
Creative one I must profess
Or something on the border
Of madness, insolence, and vice
A building site to be precise
Disorder of the highest order
It’s not poetic paradise
Not even on the border
It is no plea, call of distress
But rather’s an invitation…
Come in, ignore the awful mess
And join the celebration
Of what may one day become
A monstrous undertaking
So step into the muses’ home
Stop shivering and shaking
In front of the ugly monster’s site
His sight is short
His thoughts not bright
His treasures ripe for taking
His breath’s heavy: noxious foam –
Pollution of the muses
But don’t be scared, step right in
And help ignite the fuses
Shake the poetic nitroglycerin
Let us commence abuses
Of verbs, and nouns, and other words
Regardless of their bruises
Let’s burn some stuff, so hop on board
Let’s vivisect the muses!
Let’s also write some brilliant verse
Let’s put it to good uses (It is impossible of course).
I know for better or for worse
It is impossible of course:
There is no use for verses
There is no use for muses
Though wait, and tell me what you hear?
I hear slurs and curses!
Ignore then, come, put down that phone
TikTok is not escaping!
Don’t run away but join what now looks
… like A Disaster in the Making

That’s it — post your own poem or you can post an ad for free (or even a poem though why would you do that there is a different matter altogether) at this virtual board.


Poetry Monster – is a Poetry Library and vice versa, the world’s Poetry Library is (the) Poetry Monster. So come in.



Зачем нужно Стихочудовище?


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