0 Snake Bites

In twists of fate, a serpentine shape
Slithers in the grass, a stealthy escape
Bites its prey, a venomous sting
Poison courses through the victim’s wing

A deadly dance, a wicked spin
As life drains out, a sorrowful din
Echoes of screams, a haunting refrain
As death claims another soul in vain

The snake’s embrace, a lethal hold
A grip that tightens, cold as gold
Fear and panic, a helpless flight
As the poison takes its toll tonight

The snake’s fangs, a razor-sharp bite
Tears open flesh, a crimson sight
A searing pain, an endless fight
As life slips away, a darkest night

But still the snake, it slithers on
Unfazed by death, a sinister throng
It strikes again, a merciless blow
Leaving behind a lifeless sow

And so the cycle repeats, a never-ending plight
A tale of horror, a constant fight
For survival, a desperate flight
Against the snake, a monstrous might


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