All my life I was searching for the corner of the universe
where I would bury the pitcher of my turmoil
-and I didn’t find it

I have walked the whole Earth
across and all over
many towns I came around
and was lost amongst the people
I visited remote villages too
and those totally forgotten

I’ve seen many treasures
got to know greediness, fame and power
felt the odour of stench
ran away from the silhouettes
of empty abyss-like faces

I have met real heroes
who have won all, even the impossible battles
and lunatics who discovered many secrets
who reached deep wisdom
and acquired great knowledge

but I haven’t found the answer
nowhere was any
that would petrify the eye

I have learned that everything of value
was always hiding within us
that it was here from primordial time
in hand’s reach
but that too, as man climbs higher
he sees clearer that the chasms become
more deeper and more darker

not even recently, when still believed in fairy tales
and had heart totally innocent
I couldn’t stop a breath
and fall asleep of calm soul

something always pushed me further

not even then, when I was at the Origin
-and I was fairly close, so close
that I was One with man that I loved-
I still haven’t felt fulfilled

I don’t know where the end of the path is
and is there any sense
to search for serenity
for human souls

or it is all
just a morbid game
a fatal mistake

there where the last
nugget of sanity is thawing
only Your face remained
pure, childlike

only in front of him
I forget for a moment
where I came from
and where I’m going

and I’m more and more certain
that the evenings and the mornings
are just a pale reflection
of Your blushing cheeks

Komiža, 15th March, 2009

Vinko Kalinic

(Translated into English
Darko Kotevski, Melbourne, Australia)