Dog race

dog race, dog racing, dogs are racing, an illustration

Dog racing, edited by Fledermaus

(a folk poem, supposedly by dog lovers, translated, unrhymed, the Russian original is metered and rhymed)

Dogs are racing through our lives
For most folks, this is hard to grasp —
Training grounds, shows, prizes
Consume, devour you, so be vigilant
Diagnosis is accurate though cruel
The disease is incurable. Alas.
Once you’ve picked up a dog leash
You’ll understand the cause of this.
Our zodiac signs are also clear
And fate has been mapped in advance
If there were no dogs in this world
We would have to invent them.


End of the Poem “Dog Racing” (Dogs are racing through our lives)

А по нашей жизни мчатся псы…
Пусть понять кому то это сложно —
Дрессплощадки, выставки, призы…
Мы предупреждаем — Осторожно!
Наш диагноз точен и жесток
И болезнь увы не излечима…
Взяв однажды в руки поводок
Вы поймете этому причину.
Видно наш небесный зодиак
Чем-то по особому отмечен.
Если б в мире не было собак
Мы бы их придумали конечно!


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