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English Poetry. Alice Meynell. The Visiting Sea. Элис Мейнелл.

Alice Meynell (Элис Мейнелл)

The Visiting Sea

As the inhastening tide doth roll,
Home from the deep, along the whole
    Wide shining strand, and floods the caves,
    —Your love comes filling with happy waves
The open sea-shore of my soul.

But inland from the seaward spaces,
None knows, not even you, the places
    Brimmed, at your coming, out of sight,
    —The little solitudes of delight
This tide constrains in dim embraces.

You see the happy shore, wave-rimmed,
But know not of the quiet dimmed
    Rivers your coming floods and fills,
    The little pools 'mid happier hills,
My silent rivulets, over-brimmed.

What! I have secrets from you? Yes.
But, visiting Sea, your love doth press
    And reach in further than you know,
    And fills all these; and, when you go,
There's loneliness in loneliness.

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