What Being in Rank-Old Nature poem – Gerard Manley Hopkins poems

What being in rank-old nature should earlier have that breath been That h?re p?rsonal tells off these heart-song powerful peals?— A bush-browed, beetle-br?wed b?llow is it? With a so?th-w?sterly w?nd bl?stering, with a tide rolls reels Of crumbling, fore-foundering, thundering all-surfy seas in; seen ?nderneath, their glassy barrel, of a fairy green. . . […]

Tom’s Garland poem – Gerard Manley Hopkins poems

upon the Unemployed Tom—garlanded with squat and surly steel Tom; then Tom’s fallowbootfellow piles pick By him and rips out rockfire homeforth—sturdy Dick; Tom Heart-at-ease, Tom Navvy: he is all for his meal Sure, ‘s bed now. Low be it: lustily he his low lot (feel That ne’er need hunger, Tom; Tom seldom […]

To What Serves Mortal Beauty? poem – Gerard Manley Hopkins poems

To what serves mortal beauty ‘—dangerous; does set danc- ing blood—the O-seal-that-so ‘ feature, flung prouder form Than Purcell tune lets tread to? ‘ See: it does this: keeps warm Men’s wits to the things that are; ‘ what good means—where a glance Master more may than gaze, ‘ gaze out of countenance. Those […]

To R. B. poem – Gerard Manley Hopkins poems

The fine delight that fathers thought; the strong Spur, live and lancing like the blowpipe flame, Breathes once and, quenchèd faster than it came, Leaves yet the mind a mother of immortal song. Nine months she then, nay years, nine years she long Within her wears, bears, cares and moulds the same: The widow […]

To His Watch poem – Gerard Manley Hopkins poems

Mortal my mate, bearing my rock-a-heart Warm beat with cold beat company, shall I Earlier or you fail at our force, and lie The ruins of, rifled, once a world of art? The telling time our task is; time’s some part, Not all, but we were framed to fail and die— One spell and […]

To a Young Child poem – Gerard Manley Hopkins poems

Margaret, are you grieving Over Goldengrove unleaving? Leaves, like the things of man, you With your fresh thoughts care for, can you? Ah! as the heart grows older It will come to such sights colder By and by, nor spare a sigh Though worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie; And yet you will weep and […]