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Florence Earle Coates (Флоренс Эрл Коутс)


He seemed to call me, and I shrank dismayed,
⁠     Deeming he threatened all I held most dear;
But when at last his summons I obeyed,
⁠     Perplexed and full of fear,
I found upon his face no angry frown,—
⁠     Only a visor down.

Indignant that his voice, so calm and sweet,
⁠     In my despite, unto my soul appealed,
I cried, "If thou hast courage, turn and meet
⁠     A foeman full revealed!"
And with determined zeal that made me strong,
     ⁠Contended with him long.

But oh, the armor he so meekly bore
⁠     Was wrought for him in other worlds than ours!
In firm defense of what he battled for,
     ⁠Were leagued eternal powers!
I fell; yet overwhelmed by my disgrace,
⁠     At last I saw his face.

And in its matchless beauty I forgot
⁠     The constant service to my pledges due,
And, with adoring love that sorrowed not,
⁠     Entreated, "Tell me who
Hath so o'erthrown my will and pride of youth!"
⁠     He answered, "I am Truth."

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