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Norman Rowland Gale (Норман Гейл)


    Last week, when conning Cicero
      In New Big School,
    Smith called me, by a paraphrase,
      A senseless mule:
    I wasn't sharp enough just then
      To answer, Jack,
    That pots had oft been known to call
      The kettles black!

    And in the Close the other day
      He called me 'Muff!'
    I think I've borne his impudence
      Quite long enough!
    From length to length abusive men
      Can quickly pass,
    So I was hardly staggered when
      He called me 'Ass!'

    But in the nets on Friday eve
      I long did toil
    To make old Smith rub in at night
      St. Jacob's Oil!
    If on the Smithian shins remains
      An unbruised inch
    My name is not Bartholomew
      Ezekiel Finch!

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