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English Poetry. Richard Watson Gilder. The New Day. Part 3. 31. “When the Last Doubt Is Doubted”. Ричард Уотсон Гилдер.

Richard Watson Gilder (Ричард Уотсон Гилдер)

The New Day. Part 3. 31. “When the Last Doubt Is Doubted”

⁠When the last doubt is doubted,
⁠The last black shadow flown;
⁠When the last foe is routed;
⁠When the night is over and gone—
Then, Love, O then! there will be rest and peace:
Sweet peace and rest that never thou hast known.

⁠When the hope that in thee moveth
⁠Is born and brought to sight;
⁠When past is the pain that proveth
⁠The worth of thy new delight—
O then, Love! then there will be joy and peace:
Deep peace and joy, bright morning after night.

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