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English Poetry. Sam Walter Foss. The Trumpets. Сэм Уолтер Фосс.

Sam Walter Foss (Сэм Уолтер Фосс)

The Trumpets

The trumpets were calling me over the hill,
  And I was a boy and knew nothing of men;
But they filled all the vale with their clangorous trill,
  And flooded the gloom of the glen.

“The trumpets,” I cried, “Lo, they call from afar,
  They are mingled with music of bugle and drum;
The trumpets, the trumpets are calling to war,
  The trumpets are calling -- I come.”

The trumpets were calling me over the Range,
  And I was a youth and was strong for the strife;
And I was full fain for the new and the strange,
  And mad for the tumult of life.

And I heard the loud trumpets that blew for the fray,
  In the spell of their magic and madness was dumb;
And I said, “I will follow by night and by day,
  The trumpets are calling -- I come.”

The trumpets were calling and I was a man,
  And had faced the stern world and grown strong;
And the trumpets mere calling far off, and I ran
  Toward the blare of their mystical song.

And they led me o’er mountains, ‘neath alien skies,
  All else but their music was dumb;
And I ran till I fell, and slept but to rise,
  Lo, the trumpets are calling -- I come.

The trumpets are calling, I’ve come to the sea,
  But far out in the moon-lighted glow,
I still hear the trumpets, they’re calling to me,
  The trumpets are calling -- I go.

And lo, a strange boatman is here with his bark,
  And he takes me and rows away, silent and dumb;
But my trumpets! my trumpets! they peal through the dark,
  The trumpets are calling -- I come.

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