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English Poetry. Thomas Hood. Song (The stars are with the voyager). Томас Гуд (Худ).

Thomas Hood (Томас Гуд (Худ))

Song (The stars are with the voyager)

The stars are with the voyager
  Wherever he may sail;
The moon is constant to her time;
  The sun will never fail;
But follow, follow round the world,
  The green earth and the sea,
So love is with the lover's heart,
  Wherever he may be.

Wherever he may be, the stars
  Must daily lose their light;
The moon will veil her in the shade;
  The sun will set at night.
The sun may set, but constant love
  Will shine when he's away;
So that dull night is never night,
  And day is brighter day.

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