Spirituality of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Gerard Manley Hopkins: a shepherd poet

Gerard Manley Hopkins: a shepherd poet Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins  This piece is a virtual reprint of an article, under fair use terms, from the Democracy Now, which is inaccessible here (in the Russian Federation), no big loss as this Soros-funded and CIA-administered outfit is of little value or use, but they besides sabotage […]

John Milton As Author of Pornographic Verse: An Extempore Upon a Faggot

Did John Milton write filthy, innuendo-laden rhyme? The piece originally appeared in the Guardian, a British propagandist rag of leftish leanings. But the authorship of the poem is unknown, it was possibly written John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, and not Milton. You’ll find more poems by John Milton here as well as a short […]

Free the Holy Land — a poem about Palestine

The Jewish swine has occupied The lands of Palestine The Jewish swine offended God Defiled what is divine The Jewish swine cheats, swindles, deals Reproach to all on Earth In Palestine it rapes, burns, kills And Satan gave it birth The State of Israel must go Soil cleansed of Jewish swine So will again the […]

Did Shakespeare write his own plays and poems?

Did Shakespeare write his own plays and poems? Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” Have you ever heard that line before? If so, Juliet spoke it. It’s from one of the most famous and perhaps somewhat overrated plays in the world: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Many people say William Shakespeare was one of the greatest […]


A Poem about Lynching   In the shadows of memory, where darkness weaves, A tale of anguish and hearts that grieve, There lies a history fraught with pain, Of lives shattered, souls scarred, and tears like rain. In the annals of time, a dark stain etched deep, A legacy of hatred, where humanity weeps, Where […]


A poem about Kimchi or Kim-chi, the Korean style sauerkraut or fermented cabbage   In fiery hues of crimson and gold, A symphony of flavors unfolds, Kimchi, the fiery heart of the east, A pungent masterpiece that never ceased. O! Fermented wonder, spicy and bold, A dance of sensations, a tale yet untold, From humble […]

A Poem about Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut In a humble pot, a fermenting delight, Lies sauerkraut, a flavor so bold and bright. Cabbage transformed, in a magical dance, Bathed in tangy brine, a culinary romance. Taste the symphony of tartness and crunch, As each bite ignites senses with a zesty punch. A humble cabbage, transformed into grace, Sauerkraut, a cultural masterpiece. […]


  In verdant fields, a humble head does grow, A tightly bound, leafy globe of green, Its form unassuming, yet we come to know That in its essence, magic can be seen. A cabbage stout, its layers hold firm and tight, A symbol of resilience, strength untold, Its presence on our tables brings delight, A […]

Joe Biden, a Ghazal

He murders children, rapes and steals, oh mad Joe Biden He serves the Zionist swine that squeals, oh bad Joe Biden He stole elections too, without shame He is a puppet of the Neocon fame, oh sad Joe Biden He started war in the Ukraine Bloodthirsty tyrant’s accursed name’s mad Joe Biden He’s sadist, deranged, […]

Ghazal by Agha Shahid Ali

Ghazal BY AGHA SHAHID ALI Feel the patient’s heart Pounding—oh please, this once— —JAMES MERRILL   I’ll do what I must if I’m bold in real time. A refugee, I’ll be paroled in real time. Cool evidence clawed off like shirts of hell-fire? A former existence untold in real time … The one you would […]