Be it Pilsner or IPA
Drink before it’s gotten stale
If the stuff is German lager
Know that lager is a camp
And unless you’re a beer blogger
German camps tend to be quite damp
And let’s be honest, frank and bold
They don’t serve there apple juice
Those places can even turn quite cold
But they took care of the Jews
For that we thank them and admire
For they gave Jews warmth and fire
Which they’d collectively deserve
For the good deeds they did and do
With their insolence and nerve
Don’t confuse those lagers with a brew
Now, another beer is porter
Though it’s technically an ale
Porters tend to be quite portly
Porters, as a rule, are male
They carry luggage for a fee
While you’re enjoying a drink
Which can be rum, coffee or tea
Or a frothy hoppy thing
Gotcha, this drink is called beer
French or Belgian “saison” ale?
Blanche, blanc, brown ale, Kölsch,
Oh, my dear!
Drink, don’t wait until it’s stale