Poetic Abbreviations, Poetry Abbreviations
Riddle Me This Batman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1987
Poetic Abbreviations

In the course of working on this page, I encountered a number of abbreviations, most of them, predictably enough, British, which I had to decipher. I am going to list those abbreviations and acronyms one by one, as they appear, so this may take a while before, if ever, the list is complete. Most of them pertain to assorted awards, clubs, leagues, fellowships, membership categories, and honorary titles.

ABPA – Australian Bush Poets Association 

CBE — Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

CH — Order of the Companions of Honour

CPITS — California Poets in the Schools

ELMCP – Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice — ((the stuff is so both cryptic and bizarre, it not merely beyond comprehension, but I reckon that no one hoping to remain sane should even make an attempt at comprehending the officious gobbledygook.  The abbreviation is official, not something that I made up))

FFDSP — Fédération Française de Slam Poésie

FRSL — A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature 

LCP —  League of Canadian Poets 

LPS —  The Live Poets Society

NSPP —  National Student Poets Program 

RSL — The Royal Society of Literature

UPLI — United Poets Laureate International 

WCP —  World Congress of Poets

WPS —   World Poets Society