Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift


A Poem about Taylor Swift

Despite her name
She sews no clothes
And that’s a real shame
We’d like to expose…

Her goods without a dress
So who’s she? You’d tell
She is no humble seamstress
She’s got a lot of clientele

Not Gulliver’s creator
Not Lilliputians’ father
And not an Irish painter
With others we won’t bother

She is a country singer
Her country sounds like pop
She acts quite like a swinger
She looks like a lollipop

She’s popular like hell
In spite of all the kitsch
She’s smarter than a sperm cell
Besides, we like the bitch



End of the Poem about Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift. A poem about Taylor Swift. Here is everything about Taylor Swift and then some more, told succinctly and in verse, as well as a secret that you wanted to know.

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