Video advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your target audience.

Video Production For Mobile

As predicted by digital marketing experts, mobile usage surpassed desktop usage to access the internet in 2016 and businesses are taking notice. The shift indicates that more consumers are using their mobile devices to do their research about products and services. Therefore, it makes sense for businesses to want to engage their customers on mobile devices and a powerful way to do this is with engaging and effective video content.

The shift to mobile has come with a shift to video content. Mobile users have been shown to prefer digital video over all other types of content. Thus, it’s reasonable to invest in video ads for increased engagement with your customers.

Video Production Tips For Clickable Ads

Many businesses that attempt to produce their own video ads before approaching a professional corporate video production company find out the hard way that there is more to video marketing than meets the eye. They find that they are not getting the return on their investment as expected. Many end up making losses because their videos lack strategy, clear messaging and good production quality.

The following are some video production tips for effective video marketing for mobile:

1. Ensure your logos are large and clear

Everything designed to be viewed on mobile should be large and clear. This is because mobile devices have smaller screens than desktops and laptops. Large and clear logos will increase viewer familiarity with your brand and improve the chances of people recommending your brand to their networks. Small logos are likely to be lost on the smaller screens. Packaging and branding your videos is key.

2. A Call to Action is a must

A call to action (CTA) gives the viewer a clear path to take if they buy your sales pitch. This can be a simple statement, such as ‘click now to buy your goods’ or “for more information – website address”. Not including a call to action is likely to result in dead end users who don’t take any action even if they are interested.

3. Mention the brand

It’s important to mention the brand in the ad in order to build brand familiarity. This mention may be verbal or visual. It also doesn’t matter when in the ad you mention the brand.

4. Use different ad tones

There are different tones you can use in a video marketing. These include funny, dramatic and informational tones. These can be adjusted and interchanged to suit the situation and the audience. It is important to be aware of your customers’ expectations and preferences in order to use the most appropriate tone.

5. Align your ads for different screen sizes

Ads will not appear the same on different screen sizes. It is therefore important to align the ads to suit the screen size. Test the ads on different screen sizes in order to align for the greatest efficiency.

6. Don’t make a long video

The traditional length for an ad is 15 to 30 seconds. This is the ideal length to pass information to your audience. Your audience is likely to lose concentration with a video that is too long.

7. Limit your ads to 15 seconds

15 seconds appears to be the optimal length for video ads. This is adequate for passing information. Ensure your ads are engaging, interesting and concise. A 15-second ad can lead to a longer version when using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

8. Use auto-start

Not everyone likes ads that auto play. However, they are an effective way of getting through to your target audience. You are likely to get through to your audience with a relevant interactive and visual ad if you make it engaging and concise.


Source by Paul Nandrajog