Four Black Men Hung At The Same Tree (nby 4378)
Four Black Men Hung At The Same Tree, murdered by fun, a period postcard

She killed negroes
For fun
And that tree still grows
She never won
A real war
She hanged and burned alive
The planetary whore
And sent post cards
To her bestial subhuman children
With whom she copulates
Rejects of mankind
Planetary refuse
She has so far escaped
From justice
She murdered Filipinos
She is the epitome of injustice
Unarmed, occupied, oppressed
She bombed German cities from above
While she was by Satan blessed
With impunity
Destroyed churches, history, memories
She is the creep of human community
Deprived of sense, beauty, love
Pillaged, murdered
She has armed the Nazis of Ukraine
And then caused a Holocaust of Slavs there
And then the rain
Of bombs fell on Gaza
She is murdering and cremating children there alive
She is the history’s insatiable sadist
She corrupt Protestant Zionist cunt of the planet
The putrid, rank, odiferous, continental hole
The Evil Incarnate
Her name is America
She is a giant mistake
God damn you, America

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