!DOCTYPE html> html> head lang=”en-US”> title>Love Is Just Like the Rain by Hartati Nurwijaya/title> /div> h1 class=”pageTitle”>Love Is Just Like the Rain /h1> div class=”entry-content clearfix”> h2 class=”author”>by Hartati Nurwijaya/h2> div id=”content”> p>The dry landbr /> Children who have no toysbr /> Trees are getting drybr /> Glad the rain is coming /p> p>River is floodingbr /> The ditch is blockedbr /> The streets are congestedbr /> Blame it on the rain /p> p>Love is just like the rainbr /> It comes like sprinkle rainbr /> It comes little by littlebr /> All of sudden, it becomes heavy /p> p>Love is just like the rainbr /> It makes it hard and pleasantbr /> Only one kind of love that will last foreverbr /> My love is for God the Most Merciful /p> p>Tatiabr /> Megara, 14 June 2009/p> br> /body> /html>

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