Young Love poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Come little Infant, Love me now, While thine unsuspected years Clear thine aged Fathers brow From cold Jealousie and Fears. Pretty surely ’twere to see By young Love old Time beguil’d: While our Sportings are as free As the Nurses with the Child. Common Beauties stay fifteen; Such as yours should swifter move; […]

Upon The Hill And Grove At Bill-borow poem – Andrew Marvell poems

To the Lord Fairfax. See how the arched Earth does here Rise in a perfect Hemisphere! The stiffest Compass could not strike A line more circular and like; Nor softest Pensel draw a Brow. So equal as this Hill does bow. It seems as for a Model laid, And that the World by it […]

Upon An Eunuch; A Poet. Fragment poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Nec sterilem te crede; Licet, mulieribus exul, Falcem virginiae nequeas immitere messi, Et nostro peccare modo. Tibi Fama perenne Praegnabit; rapiesque novem de monse Sorores; Et pariet modulos Echo repetita Nepotes.   *** Poems by Andrew Marvell Andrew Marvell  

Upon Appleton House, to My Lord Fairfax poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Within this sober Frame expect Work of no Forrain Architect; That unto Caves the Quarries drew, And Forrests did to Pastures hew; Who of his great Design in pain Did for a Model vault his Brain, Whose Columnes should so high be rais’d To arch the Brows that on them gaz’d. Why should of […]

Translated poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Facundis dedit ille notis, interprete plumas Insinuare sonos oculis, & pingere voces, Et mentem chartis, oculis impertiit aurem.   *** Poems by Andrew Marvell Andrew Marvell  

Tom May’s Death poem – Andrew Marvell poems

As one put drunk into the Packet-boat, Tom May was hurry’d hence and did not know’t. But was amaz’d on the Elysian side, And with an Eye uncertain, gazing wide, Could not determine in what place he was, For whence in Stevens ally Trees or Grass. Nor where the Popes head, nor the Mitre […]


Had we but world enough, and time, This coyness, Lady, were no crime. We would sit down and think which way To walk and pass our long love’s day. Thou by the Indian Ganges’ side Shouldst rubies find: I by the tide Of Humber would complain. I would Love you ten years before the Flood, […]

To Christina, Queen of Sweden poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Verses to accompany a portrait of Cromwell Bright Martial Maid, Queen of the frozen zone, The northern pole supports thy shining throne. Behold what furrows age and steel can plough; The helmet’s weight oppressed this wrinkled brow. Through fate’s untrodden paths I move; my hands Still act my free-born people’s bold commands; Yet this […]

Thoughts in a Garden poem – Andrew Marvell poems

HOW vainly men themselves amaze To win the palm, the oak, or bays, And their uncessant labours see Crown’d from some single herb or tree, Whose short and narrow-verged shade Does prudently their toils upbraid; While all the flowers and trees do close To weave the garlands of repose! Fair Quiet, have I found […]

The Unfortunate Lover poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Alas, how pleasant are their dayes With whom the Infant Love yet playes! Sorted by pairs, they still are seen By Fountains cool, and Shadows green. But soon these Flames do lose their light, Like Meteors of a Summers night: Nor can they to that Region climb, To make impression upon Time. ‘Twas in […]

The Mower’s Song poem – Andrew Marvell poems

My Mind was once the true survey Of all these Medows fresh and gay; And in the greenness of the Grass Did see its Hopes as in a Glass; When Juliana came, and she What I do to the Grass, does to my Thoughts and Me. But these, while I with Sorrow pine, Grew […]

The Mower To The Glo-Worms poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Ye living Lamps, by whose dear light The Nightingale does sit so late, And studying all the Summer-night, Her matchless Songs does meditate; Ye Country Comets, that portend No War, nor Princes funeral, Shining unto no higher end Then to presage the Grasses fall; Ye Glo-worms, whose officious Flame To wandring Mowers shows […]

The Match poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Nature had long a Treasure made Of all her choisest store; Fearing, when She should be decay’d, To beg in vain for more. Her Orientest Colours there, And Essences most pure, With sweetest Perfumes hoarded were, All as she thought secure. She seldom them unlock’d, or us’d, But with the nicest care; For, […]

The Mower Against Gardens poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Luxurious Man, to bring his Vice in use, Did after him the World seduce: And from the Fields the Flow’rs and Plants allure, Where Nature was most plain and pure. He first enclos’d within the Gardens square A dead and standing pool of Air: And a more luscious Earth for them did knead, Which […]

The Garden poem – Andrew Marvell poems

How vainly men themselves amaze To win the Palm, the Oke, or Bayes; And their uncessant Labours see Crown’d from some single Herb or Tree, Whose short and narrow verged Shade Does prudently their Toyles upbraid; While all Flow’rs and all Trees do close To weave the Garlands of repose. Fair quiet, have I […]

The Gallery poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Clora come view my Soul, and tell Whether I have contriv’d it well. Now all its several lodgings lye Compos’d into one Gallery; And the great Arras-hangings, made Of various Faces, by are laid; That, for all furniture, you’l find Only your Picture in my Mind. Here Thou art painted in the Dress Of […]

The First Anniversary Of The Government Under O.C. poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Like the vain Curlings of the Watry maze, Which in smooth streams a sinking Weight does raise; So Man, declining alwayes, disappears. In the Weak Circles of increasing Years; And his short Tumults of themselves Compose, While flowing Time above his Head does close. Cromwell alone with greater Vigour runs, (Sun-like) the Stages of […]

The Fair Singer poem – Andrew Marvell poems

To make a final conquest of all me, Love did compose so sweet an Enemy, In whom both Beauties to my death agree, Joyning themselves in fatal Harmony; That while she with her Eyes my Heart does bind, She with her Voice might captivate my Mind. I could have fled from One but singly […]

The Death of Cromwell poem – Andrew Marvell poems

A Poem upon the Death of His Late Highness the Lord Protector That Providence which had so long the care Of Cromwell’s head, and numbered every hair, Now in itself (the glass where all appears) Had seen the period of his golden years: And thenceforh only did attend to trace What death might least […]

The Coronet poem – Andrew Marvell poems

When for the Thorns with which I long, too long, With many a piercing wound, My Saviours head have crown’d, I seek with Garlands to redress that Wrong: Through every Garden, every Mead, I gather flow’rs (my fruits are only flow’rs) Dismantling all the fragrant Towers That once adorn’d my Shepherdesses head. And now […]

The Character Of Holland poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Holland, that scarce deserves the name of Land, As but th’Off-scouring of the Brittish Sand; And so much Earth as was contributed By English Pilots when they heav’d the Lead; Or what by th’ Oceans slow alluvion fell, Of shipwrackt Cockle and the Muscle-shell; This indigested vomit of the Sea Fell to the Dutch […]

Senec. Traged. Ex Thyeste Chor.2 poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Translated. Senec. Traged. ex Thyeste Chor.2. Stet quicunque volet potens Aulae culmine lubrico &c. Climb at Court for me that will Tottering favors Pinacle; All I seek is to lye still. Settled in some secret Nest In calm Leisure let me rest; And far of the publick Stage Pass away my silent Age. […]

Ros poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Cernis ut Eio descendat Gemmula Roris, Inque Rosas roseo transfluat orta sinu. Sollicita Flores stant ambitione supini, Et certant foliis pellicuisse suis. Illa tamen patriae lustrans fastigia Sphaerae, Negligit hospitii limina picta novi. Inque sui nitido conclusa voluminis orbe, Exprimit aetherei qua licet Orbis aquas. En ut odoratum spernat generosior Ostrum, Vixque premat casto […]

On Mr. Milton’s Paradise Lost poem – Andrew Marvell poems

When I beheld the Poet blind, yet bold, In slender Book his vast Design unfold, Messiah Crown’d, Gods Reconcil’d Decree, Rebelling Angels, the Forbidden Tree, Heav’n, Hell, Earth, Chaos, All; the Argument Held me a while misdoubting his Intent, That he would ruine (for I saw him strong) The sacred Truths to Fable and […]

On A Drop Of Dew poem – Andrew Marvell poems

See how the Orient Dew, Shed from the Bosom of the Morn Into the blowing Roses, Yet careless of its Mansion new; For the clear Region where ’twas born Round in its self incloses: And in its little Globes Extent, Frames as it can its native Element. How it the purple flow’r does slight, […]

Music’s Empire poem – Andrew Marvell poems

First was the world as one great cymbal made, Where jarring winds to infant Nature played. All music was a solitary sound, To hollow rocks and murm’ring fountains bound. Jubal first made the wilder notes agree; And Jubal tuned music’s Jubilee; He call’d the echoes from their sullen cell, And built the organ’s city […]

Mourning poem – Andrew Marvell poems

You, that decipher out the Fate Of humane Off-springs from the Skies, What mean these Infants which of late Spring from the Starrs of Chlora’s Eyes? Her Eyes confus’d, and doubled ore, With Tears suspended ere they flow; Seem bending upwards, to restore To Heaven, whence it came, their Woe. When, molding of […]

Last Instructions to a Painter poem – Andrew Marvell poems

After two sittings, now our Lady State To end her picture does the third time wait. But ere thou fall’st to work, first, Painter, see If’t ben’t too slight grown or too hard for thee. Canst thou paint without colors? Then ’tis right: For so we too without a fleet can fight. Or canst […]

In Effigiem Oliveri Cromwell poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Haec est quae toties Inimicos Umbra fugavit, At sub qua Cives Otia lenta terunt. In eandem Reginae Sueciae transmissam Bellipotens Virgo, septem Regina Trionum. Christina, Arctoi lucida stella Poli; Cernis quas merui dura sub Casside Rugas; Sicque Senex Armis impiger Ora fero; Invia Fatorum dum per Vestigia nitor, Exequor & Populi fortia Jussa Manu. […]

Hortus poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Quisnam adeo, mortale genus, praecordia versat: Heu Palmae, Laurique furor, vel simplicis Herbae! Arbor ut indomitos ornet vix una labores; Tempora nec foliis praecingat tota maglignis. Dum simud implexi, tranquillae ad ferta Quiaetis, Omnigeni coeunt Flores, integraque Sylva. Alma Quies, teneo te! & te Germana Quietis Simplicitas! Vos ergo diu per Templa, per urbes, […]

Fleckno, an English Priest at Rome poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Oblig’d by frequent visits of this man, Whom as Priest, Poet, and Musician, I for some branch of Melchizedeck took, (Though he derives himself from my Lord Brooke) I sought his Lodging; which is at the Sign Of the sad Pelican; Subject divine For Poetry: There three Stair Cases high, Which signifies his triple […]

First Anniversary poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Like the vain curlings of the watery maze, Which in smooth streams a sinking weight does raise, So Man, declining always, disappears In the weak circles of increasing years; And his short tumults of themselves compose, While flowing Time above his head does close. Cromwell alone with greater vigour runs, (Sun-like) the stages of […]

Eyes And Tears poem – Andrew Marvell poems

How wisely Nature did decree, With the same Eyes to weep and see! That, having view’d the object vain, They might be ready to complain. And since the Self-deluding Sight, In a false Angle takes each hight; These Tears which better measure all, Like wat’ry Lines and Plummets fall. Two Tears, which Sorrow […]

Epigramma in Duos montes Amosclivum Et Bilboreum poem – Andrew Marvell poems

Farfacio. Cernis ut ingenti distinguant limite campum Montis Amos clivi Bilboreique juga! Ille stat indomitus turritis undisque saxis: Cingit huic laetum Fraximus alta Caput. Illi petra minax rigidis cervicibus horret: Huic quatiunt viridis lenia colla jubas. Fulcit Atlanteo Rupes ea vertice coelos: Collis at hic humeros subjicit Herculeos. Hic ceu carceribus visum sylvaque coercet: […]