Wishes by Satish Verma

Nothing was beholden. Colony counts were perfect. You were never guaranteed and exit.  I am stalked by lips of a black tulip holding a moonbeam.  The world moves wearing a shell of emptiness in a cosmos, inviolable.  Aggrandizement beyond the bluffing. More beliefs and many withdrawls.  You will not kill me? Half-way to soothing words of ecstasy. Satish Verma

WINGS ATTACHED by Satish Verma

In slap at your icarian path the call was not taken from inside me.  Anxiety in a troupe of clouds was rising. A deep dissent within winds surfaces after sunset.  On the footpath comes a noun in the land of abuses, taking a vow of silence.  The moon becomes green in a blue sky to get the blessings of surging frost.  Knew nothing […]

WHAT ENDING by Satish Verma

In your limpid eyes a pacifism slumps. All I could say was, wrong sex was ending in ice.  Dark energy: we were not expanding Lies galore : we were casting off our skins. I will not seek afterlife. The hand carries the old coat.  Retrodiction. Don’t want to shed the charm. Waited for the change which never came. Chicken, wearing love, no bones.  Latest […]

WHAT ASYLUM! by Satish Verma

Come and meet me in chamber of death where the tempest comes every night.  I start disrobing the anger to find the eye of the moon.  Where do I get that ink that writes an unwritten poem on water of eyes when the ship was burning after a rare landing.  Come and meet me in sleep of an infant.  It […]

WARMING UP by Satish Verma

You could feel it. The fear in that pristine howl writhing in throat. Something was wrong with the sunflowers. A genital cutting had brought the snowdusting on mutilated emotions.  A premonition warns. We are shining on wrong side, under dictates of religion. The cult will take care of mouth. You will celebrate the breaking up of man. The bone between the lips.  I am […]


Stone by stone you kill me. Petal by petal I die –  holding a scalpel to unwrite my name.  Violence erupts among words. A temple breaks. O goddess! don’t cry beyond silence.  The infant’s milk spills in darkness. Antiquity raises a wall around the mother.  I am vanishing now, freezing my assets. Satish Verma

WALKING INTO YOU by Satish Verma

Tonight the nectar will be spread to tame a random tormentor.  Black and white, I never saw my father weeping. Lonely he was.  I am my own creation today weather beaten. Confession to –  confession, unread. When the- storm was tethered, there was flooding and neck deep-  you were in tears. Am cannibalizing my own poems, to write a new line. It was a midnight […]

VOICES by Satish Verma

When the sun goes down bleeding beyond the hills yonder, I will meet you under the acacias.  As a souvenir I will keep your lips in my books for history. As a gift I will give you my tears.  This desert of hate has bleached my fingers, bone white. I cannot write a monologue of death in waning light.  I wake to sleep in […]


Rains will not come to my land. Bisexuality starts a slut walk. Blackbucks were hungry.  The stray dogs were barking at moon. Into the night goes the snake without any truth.  Nearly over the scooped – protection of virginity against the dazzling hirsutism.  Lost fortune of the flaunted Buddha. I have no legs to bow down before the pale god.  This is the […]

Vaulting by Satish Verma

Deep inside there was a simian jealousy. The opaque words will raise a burnt-out storm – returning the whole family of white flowers to the moon.  The falling inside the bowl before the snake could strike interrupting the dead soldiers of unknown war- weapon-free.  A stunning invasion of the spoons in summer months, when sweat was expensive than truth and a sentence was lost between the punctuations.  Yet I […]

Unsung Hands by Satish Verma

How can you unsee an etched wound? The name will tell the moon. An empty sky now calls for the rains.  What was it- the ceremonial farewell? A dependable pain now starts pulling out the sharpnels from the body.  You may call it meaningless. My poem now moves between the stings. Somebody was going for a merciless kill. Satish Verma

Unstitching by Satish Verma

Do not take a vow of silence. Death will find its home.  The circus has taken over the needles.Who will stitch  the wounds of earth. A man walks into sunset carrying  a bowl of tears. The sit-in was going to resist a poem  of life. Would you unrobe your identity in public one day?  Always I am punctuated at night by […]

Unspoken by Satish Verma

It was not dark in a killing field. A primitivism has prevailed upon an intimate hate crime for brand mnemonics.  A bronzed moon will come out tonight. The glances were missing and you – cannot see properly.  The blue bird was nesting in a pink cloud, when you were -, less than half. Killed but not raped.  Who rattles the montage? Let the etiolation speak. Blood was scarped off, but […]

Unruffled by Satish Verma

Was I sane? Like poetry infiltrating, when you were eating grass? And money was walking free. The hollow eyes had the moral authority to expunge the fidelity from the book. Are the blue needles hurting you, I was asking moon? Moon’s stony eyes started watering. Strangers in bed, the trust had a different taste, another […]

UNREADABLE by Satish Verma

It was a fake time, moon will not rise. Words were afloat on junk dna. A stonefaced pseudonym dies point-blank. The surprise, the speed was not on our radar. The ravenous siblings now asleep on walls. Naive or disingenuous. A sitting Buddha will decide. Satish Verma

Unphrasing by Satish Verma

in love with vermilion floating on optics you learn in moments of insult or insults in moment of learning fishless bones still he smels of withering pain on black satin you don’t want to suffer with asterisks annotation disfigurs the essence i will boil the moon to find the separateness between scent and grief i […]

Unforgetting by Satish Verma

Like swapping your face for a tormentor. Stop the rains. I am going home, after a hard choice of peace in sunlight. Give me back my memory. I want to take a flight. Scanning the midnight sun on blue lake. Stairs are climbing on me. Stay with me. I am falling on your purple doves […]

UNEVEN PATH by Satish Verma

It was a summer night. A windswept moonbeam plummeted. Sexualizing an indigo flesh. A butcher was seducing a spider, in company of a holy book. Sunbathing in mass grave of skulls. The eyes peeking out of the caps. You want to pluck the blue berries from volcano mounts. The key player will burn your script. […]


A little death comes every day for the lost age. The fingertips write your name on ice, to burn in sun. and still, I will say it was good.  Searing poverty of words scrambles for a suicide vest. No meaningless truth can save the kleptomaniac. After the demise of a sentence I can say, would  not go for an award. The struggle to live […]

TURNING GRAY by Satish Verma

You wanted to understand the tenor of wet, heavy lids ? that had emigrated from deep oceanic eyes.  You believed?it will go on for ever. Roused in peace. I will listen to the voice of river lapping at the shores of pain.  Cocoon was lying still, will not open to us. I was ready to receive the death at door. But it was a […]

TRUNCATED by Satish Verma

A midnight craft dumps the moon on a heap of deceits. I ask my sap to turn back for truism.  It was a question of spacing between the bodies in scapegoats; coming for slaughter.  A scale measures the depth of defeats. The hands were busy in mending the walls of psychiatric ward.  Have you ever tasted a white poison, sweet in taste? When you grow old, […]

TRANSPARENCY by Satish Verma

He wants- to sort through the voices he used to hear- in his head,  to understand the vexed past. He will make his bent arm a bow and shoot a moon between the doors.  Walk with a snake in grass and feed his children. Irreverence becomes an import from the strangers.  When you were burning inside, what was the need for the family of periwinkles to condole […]


The hawk was always hatching a pacer, to spin the surveillance, tampering the tracks of violence. The haul was heavy. Moon and fishes went on to spread the dragnet striking gold from the liquid denials. The sovereignity was violated of a virgin god. The rule of drinking was sidelined. Kiss will survive after the death […]

Today by Satish Verma

Knowing too much was painful.  Shedding the fear, we were disappearing in each other.  The rioting has spread between deathless principles.  Unborn was the sadistic attack-  sleeping on roses. There was hidden sex in the pricks.  I made love with the bones- unthreading.  I will not borrow the colors of moon now. Satish Verma

TIRELESSLY by Satish Verma

Blurring of words takes place. Lead the light, O Sun; non-path travelers are playing an exotic game in defiance and in delirium of schizo-affective mind.  Fruits were fudging the flowers. The parents. Walking alone, watching the abasement of a young pilgrim seeking the belief of walls. The moon wears a death-cap. It was the return of silky climax.  Do not move. Do not speak. Listen to […]

THE WHEELS by Satish Verma

The path disappears under the foot. Gently I lay down the book and start reading the blank page.  Stainless thoughts.I strip to root. A stunning revelation about a tinned dialogue.  Blue hydrangeas were telling something. It was time to become insane on the street.  The lust, the sex creeps into the sect. Religion was a proxy to kill, to achieve a stop.  going nowhere. Satish Verma

THE WAX PALACE by Satish Verma

You were half-crazy saving little buds brutalized by storm in a yawning night. The ugly silver of a fringe group becomes intentionally a hate cult, developing an epicenter for stripping to devastate a religion. The ghosts are walking in the corridors of mirrored crimes. There is a creeping sadness in the golden lock. The blood […]

THE WARS by Satish Verma

It is. An explosive denial of an infinite firmness of round orbs. Why were you taking off your shirt to show the scars? it stirs a sequestered allegation. The glare was on my days and your nights. The suicide bomber was a kid, you know. When a poem leaves you, how far would you go […]

THE MOSAIC by Satish Verma

A leopardess dies on a tree. No molestation was reported. Exploring your breast why were you throwing salt?  As if almost needing a space you ran to top. A solid truth looks like a quasicrystal against the nature.  Unbosoming myself I am traveling in vacuum. Empty hands don’t hold any ancestors. I am carrying my unborn voice.  Now don’t cry, don’t. You are reaching home […]

The Fall by Satish Verma

You were starving the words to commit the waves of hunger. What I wanted was a patch of shade under an olive grove.  No intrusion. It was a miscarriage of justice. We were searching the – missing links between the years of misunderstandings.  We sell our gods and move on unquietly to understand the- lament of middle of the road, when sun was nestling […]

That Is by Satish Verma

Let be it. The little bowl abandoning the unreachable pink-light. Ambrosia- was searching a geometric center of a smoking hub.  Flame- of a bonefire was leaping towards a topless tumbler. The midriff will spell a disaster.  A nomadic- sleepwalker had become incandescent, starts a prayer for a condemned enemy.  My body was a river. flowing- on the impacted rocks of violence. Was non-violence still relevant in turbulent times?  Give me some […]

Tall Claims by Satish Verma

You become a chair. A dream sits in you for a graphic detail of pelvis. A trophy? Was it undecorous to present a cadaver walking on the earth? A serial killer wants a plaque on his grave after the verdict. Saber-rattling has started, unplucking the lovers of game. A peltate shield in hushed silence covers […]

Taking On by Satish Verma

It was a fast against truth, in support of unbidden body which took the history lesson. A star is born out of midnight accident. Darkness deems dark in siege of self-restraint. An embattled self seeks a counting. The money speaks in absence, to clear the debt of tears. No longer the eyes will look at […]

Taking Off by Satish Verma

Outraged film and dirt life. The descent was complete.  A shadow under the moon walks past the lake, comes out of the body.  Every dream leaves an imprint on the glass. Will never drink the moonlight again.  The blank surrender alongside crutches loses the tolerance of question marks.  Like my fear enveloping you in blazing sun for a candle. Satish Verma

SURVIVAL by Satish Verma

Unslept- hangman, flees from the noose. The day had come to execute. A thought had become a fear but fear was not a thought.  Naked in the moon a wolf wants move of something leaning on the hills of thirst, bitten by the views of cemetery.  The landscape was changing. You want to cover your head with a topi, standing on the edge of a […]

STUNNED by Satish Verma

Confused and wary like a spermwhale, you are nosediving; –  through the shadows of terrible pain ejecting ambergris.  Who was getting the bribery to fix the belly button?  This was not revolution. It was evolution- of a stinking city.  The gods were sleeping on the lips of a pride. Nurses were preparing the bed.  How far the sane voice will reach, to deliver the relics of a […]


Floating on a river of fire sitting in a cooking vessel you were invoking the rain god.  Your hollow words had holiness of unmeaning. The sky opens the third eye.  Are you going to offer your tongue to a footwear of a proxy blood?  As a hymn to goddess of wealth, sugar is thrown out of window and yellow rice dances before a […]

Stray Colors by Satish Verma

Now burns the stillness of thoughts. Be my enemy. Ants are running out of the eye. Nightmares: I am collecting the ashes from the burning ghats. The steps to the lake are disappearing in the blood of moon. The dogs- are carrying away a half-burnt leg. It stinks stinks the whole river, all night all day. Don’t shut the window I am crying.  • Tin man was walking on the sea of […]


Perpetual stasis in blank stares. Who was yawning to moon?  Balmy night will unlock the secrets of graphic images. Life casts a spell on you.  Like a round worm in search of a ceramic cow. Let me mix the money with fame.  The unfelt pleasure of a crooked script – in twilight zone. Every person  was wearing a cloud. Deftly you break the urn […]

STONEWASHED by Satish Verma

It laps up the solitude. A flame hits the stonewall of silence.  A dust cloud, covers the finale of conflict. Nobody wins the race.  You arrogate to yourself the skill to accept the heat of argument. Can you reach the end of thought?  Ravishing black picks up the fallen moon. Somebody will go green.  If I could walk on the lake? The faithless will wreck […]