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!DOCTYPE html> html> head lang=”en-US”> title>TRAVELING by kapardeli eftichia /title> /div> h1 class=”pageTitle”>TRAVELING/h1> div class=”entry-content clearfix”> h2 class=”author”>by kapardeli eftichia /h2> div id=”content”> p>Travel!!br /> in the chapel of my heartbr /> red sky in the west die outbr /> big flame that melts the touch, heartbr /> The stars of a chain where a strong following/p> p>Thoughts …. Who grow up in a confusedbr /> very old drawing of the sky in memory Sleepless Sleepless wearbr /> On seas of eternity swimmingbr /> I became part of living in solitary for wild birdsbr /> One night I got a unique gift jewelry beauty/p> p>Angels of ice and fire to make prayers onlybr /> leafy rose in the empty path that connects the deserts of the world and defoliation. Desire is forgotten, the only reward./p> p>The night falls, the light emergesbr /> immaculate white swans with their wings cover up the ugliness/p> p>The black hair, your endless drops of the nightbr /> An immaculate pulse over the years of lust calculus/p> p>In the first gust of wind, the tear in the face driesbr /> The waves of the future dream is calling me and deserves a kissbr /> a conquest/p> p>The rays of the sun poured and pierce the futurebr /> Oh Sun !!!!!/p> p>I drink it the light in the handful of living hand to shout!!br /> My heart travels, makes home in the clouds .. wakes with the sun/p> p>hot kisses … kisses rain on the sensual mouth, the hair of a love in the time of the shooting does not shed fibers do not wake ends/p> p>From the youth center Halandriou-pit and Antigone 56 – October 10, 2009 A commendation award from the association of the Ionian Islands for the poem my TRAVELING/p> br> /body> /html>


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