A Day on the Beach of War

by Tony Stringfellow


Soft and dry,
The sand is warm under foot,
Each step sinks like broken dreams
And there are many footsteps behind them.
This hot sand rubs between the toes
And scratches under the eyelids.
Lips are dry,
Closed tight against the desert dust,
Salty sweat drips from each nose,
Each armpit and groin is drowning with heat.
No body, today, will be kissed or caressed
By more than a bullet or a memory.
Tears they cry
For each dream left behind.
Each parent, spouse and child spawned
Dance profoundly in their hearts and thoughts.
Hearts pounding with the drum beat of fear
Veins pulsing with rivers of adrenaline.
Shots will fly
Through the dense desert storm,
Blood will flow onto the desert land
And life will slowly drain through every grain,
No castles will be built in this moist sand.

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