!DOCTYPE html> html> head lang=”en-US”> title>MOTHER by kapardeli eftichia /title> /div> h1 class=”pageTitle”>MOTHER/h1> div class=”entry-content clearfix”> h2 class=”author”>by kapardeli eftichia /h2> div id=”content”> p>Gets bright white arms inbr /> clear skiesbr /> my mother’s lovebr /> the blue skybr /> with flashy colorsbr /> write the name of/p> p>***br /> With the holy myrrh from thebr /> breast of the lilybr /> the pain of his body sweetenbr /> at the touch of/p> p>***br /> In the embrace of the Mindbr /> memorybr /> The hot tearbr /> lighthearted weightbr /> in light of her heart/p> p>***br /> Hours of whisperingbr /> flaring goodnessbr /> flower petalsbr /> open in winterbr /> flower in her apron/p> p>***/p> p>What kisses chase cheeksbr /> lips ..br /> and leave a sweet honeybr /> when you knit the dreambr /> and complainedbr /> I wake up in arms/p> br> /body> /html>

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