Ribbons and pearls, so tender is the age
All dressed up with nowhere to go.
I know your secrets to your hate and rage
A little girl— one too many has tried to know.
Deep behind the garden and around the bend
Daddy’s hands always seem to find you there
The tears of shame escapes you when
You comb your long, blonde hair.
And the demons only come under the moon
Lock the door and close the blinds.
The virtues of shame have bloomed much too soon
And the innocence is left behind.
For loving eyes have wept
From many eyes have been kept
And tomorrow is a new day.
Father’s arms are always open and firm
Mother’s eyes are always closed or turned
And the powers that be have fell this way.
So the silence is never broken
And the words are never spoken
But I see your pain.
Trust is someone you’ll never know
Happiness is something you will never show
And your past, — you will never regain.
So look beyond those deadened eyes
Far from those painful cries,
To a place where no one will hurt you anymore.
Hold up that pretty chin
And fight to the bitter end
Because there are things worth fighting for.

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