You Say You Love poem – John Keats poems

I You say you love ; but with a voice Chaster than a nun’s, who singeth The soft Vespers to herself While the chime-bell ringeth- O love me truly! II You say you love; but with a smile Cold as sunrise in September, As you were Saint Cupid ‘s nun, And kept his […]

Written In The Cottage Where Burns Was Born poem – John Keats poems

This mortal body of a thousand days Now fills, O Burns, a space in thine own room, Where thou didst dream alone on budded bays, Happy and thoughtless of thy day of doom! My pulse is warm with thine old barley-bree, My head is light with pledging a great soul, My eyes are […]

Woman! When I Behold Thee Flippant, Vain poem – John Keats poems

Woman! when I behold thee flippant, vain, Inconstant, childish, proud, and full of fancies; Without that modest softening that enhances The downcast eye, repentant of the pain That its mild light creates to heal again: E’en then, elate, my spirit leaps, and prances, E’en then my soul with exultation dances For that to […]

Two Sonnets On Fame poem – John Keats poems

I. Fame, like a wayward girl, will still be coy To those who woo her with too slavish knees, But makes surrender to some thoughtless boy, And dotes the more upon a heart at ease; She is a Gypsy,-will not speak to those Who have not learnt to be content without her; A […]

Two Or Three poem – John Keats poems

Two or three Posies With two or three simples– Two or three Noses With two or three pimples– Two or three wise men And two or three ninny’s– Two or three guineas– Two or three raps At two or three doors– Two or three naps Of two or three hours– Two or three […]

Translated From A Sonnet Of Ronsard poem – John Keats poems

Nature withheld Cassandra in the skies For more adornment a full thousand years; She took their cream of Beauty’s fairest dyes, And shap’d and tinted her above all Peers: Meanwhile Love kept her dearly with his wings, And underneath their shadow fill’d her eyes With such a richness that the cloudy Kings Of […]

To The Ladies Who Saw Me Crowned poem – John Keats poems

WHAT is there in the universal Earth More lovely than a Wreath from the bay tree? Haply a Halo round the Moon a glee Circling from three sweet pair of Lips in Mirth; And haply you will say the dewy birth Of morning Roses ripplings tenderly Spread by the Halcyon’s breast upon the […]

To Some Ladies poem – John Keats poems

What though while the wonders of nature exploring, I cannot your light, mazy footsteps attend; Nor listen to accents, that almost adoring, Bless Cynthia’s face, the enthusiast’s friend: Yet over the steep, whence the mountain stream rushes, With you, kindest friends, in idea I rove; Mark the clear tumbling crystal, its passionate gushes, […]