Sweet hay making the breeze lighter
Spilling onto the crystal clear water above
A rush of Cumulus, making this August even mightier
Sun rays thrown on upon the thousands of daffodils
That in a fraction of bloom
Now light up the aura above.

Colors of half a palm fairies
Twittering to miss the heights of two souls
Souls with blazing yes, and an ever growing
Urge to explore the other’s mind.

The still hay beginning to float yet higher again
Thrusting against the golden beams
Carrying with it a whole world’s bag of daffodil dreams.

Far across stand those tall fir trees
Yet not that far lives these velvety streams
A reflected earth shown like all these souls
Live in a world so free
But how would my soul ever get over the bitter truth that it was just a Daffodil Dream

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