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Just A Dance by Tiffany M

Baby hear me out
Please Don’t just let us sink
I have no planned route
I just care about what you think
Without a doubt

There’s times I just don’t know what to say
But since the day I met you
I adore you more each and every day
And I hope you did too

There’s so much I know nothing about
I see the hurt in your eyes
You tell me I should reconsider my route
And let go of our ties

Your not committing a crime
By giving me a chance
I’m not asking for a lifetime
I only just want to dance

If tomorrow was our last day
I’ll take that as a win
It doesn’t matter what you say
I’d never trade you in

Tomorrow don’t worry about it
there’s a chance it may not last
But let’s at least try it out a bit
I’m sure we’ll have a blast


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