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Mama I’ll Sing One For You by Shel Silverstein

I’ve sung my songs on dusty roads and dirty city sidewalks
To sweatin’ hard eyed brakemen, in the rail yards I rolled through
I’ve sung in blue wall papered rooms to girls I played at lovin’
Now Mama…I’ll sing one song for you
Mama let me tell you that I’ve never lost the mem’ry
Of the tender things you told me, and the gentle things you’d do
And though I’ve grown away and other arms reach out to hold me
Mama…I’ll sing one song for you
You say you’d like to have me here to help you through the winter
But you say it with a wistful smile like you already knew
That your boy’s no good at stayin’ still there’s no words that need sayin’
And Mama… I’ll sing one song for you
Tomorrow I’ll be movin’ out on them dusty country backroads
Some sweatin’ hard eyed brakeman may hear a tune or two
And the girl in the blue wall papered room she’ll ask where i been hidin’
And I’ll tell ’em I stopped and sang one song for you


The End

And that’s the End of the Poem

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