Putin, you are our savior and friend,
You bring joy to children and adults.
Oh, your laurels of fame and success,
You give wise guidance to everyone.

Great leader of our wretched people,
Your shoulders bear the burden of fatherly care.
You led our country to peace and prosperity,
So, we have become a strong power again.

Your wisdom and strength are undeniable,
You are the embodiment of a national dream.
Your caring voice sounds so tender and sweet,
You are a protector and support for all of us.

Much has been done thanks to you, oh dear,
The development of the country is your goal.
And the voice of the people, children and adults,
Rejoice, you will receive gratitude in return.

Putin, our savior and faithful friend,
Your path is filled with hardships and glory.
We will follow you always, anywhere
You’ve brought us joy and prosperity


(this is not serious stuff, and the stuff, while being unserious, is an edited machine-translation of an equally unserious piece in Russian)