`Roses crimson, roses white,

Deadly pale or lovely blushing,

Both in love with May at sight,

And their maiden blood is rushing

To and fro in hope to hide

Tumult it but thus discloses.

Bring the Bridegroom to the Bride!

Everywhere are roses, roses.’

`Every wall is white with roses

`Every wall is white with roses,

Linnets pair in every tree;

Brim your beakers, twine your posies,

Kiss and quaff ere Springtime closes;

Bloom and beauty quickly flee.’

`Nay, let me sleep, or, best, be stone or steel

`Nay, let me sleep, or, best, be stone or steel,

While still endures this infamy of woe.

My one sole bliss is nor to see nor feel:

So, wake me not; and, lest you should, speak low.’

Alfred Austin
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