Broken wings of a Heart by Saajida Gora

Deepest oceans, mountains high, I wish I cud sail Through the libertied sky, Darkness surrounds Silencing the sounds Pangs of memories Are the only thing that hounds The rythmic beating tells a story untold To the world around her Solitude is gold She longs for the sunlight But the ocean sealed a vow She longs […]

Being Underwater by Sahiti Siddharth

Being underwater is like a trip to heaven Being underwater is so sweet Being underwater is like flying in the ocean Where the surface is meters beneath your feet Being underwater is like a dream come true I wish it was real, but the chances are few Being underwater is like returning to childhood When […]

Awake by Sara Herlihy

Awake by Sara Herlihy As dawn breaks and my body stirs, my mind struggles to stay wrapped in your embrace. Warm breath tickles my face as soft lips caress it. Love and yearning penetrate my deepest layers. I never want to leave. A thousand years could pass but a minute would not be missed As […]

Attitude: Don Juan in the Shopping Mall by S. K. Kelen

Attitude: Don Juan in the Shopping Mall by S. K. Kelen Let us fly to bounty land…Aqua I Today’s Don Juan could be any of a million characters: Mohammed Hatim a wayward son of the Mujahideen, Doan Huan sporting a Da Nang pedigree, or Mario Lanza living out a serious fetish for muscle cars, Jim […]

Aspirations by SAAJIDA GORA

The essence of her soul lies within the purity of her heart The breath of her words illuminates a guiding path The voice of her aspiring dreams whispers subtle, compassionate beams The fluttering of her infinite love disperses through the smog filled air grappling through the unstable torrents Will it all be in despair?

ASHA APARTMENTS, 416, S.V. ROAD by Santosh Kumar Panda

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Not Thursday Again Friday Not Saturday This time you disappeared on Thursday Saturday… was my… holiday Crossing the divider & using the long distance route for my destination I waited unknowingly going on in desperate Then here you come & checked me crossing the divider This is alone I look forward to […]

As if by Sara Herlihy

As if by Sara Herlihy Like a cloud Listless Hopeless Floating through a clear blue sky waiting… Just waiting… Until I evaporate and disappear. As if I never was. As if I didn’t impact the millions of eyes who saw my magnificent beauty grace their souls. As if I never was. I KNOW I was […]

Amity’s Death by SAAJIDA GORA

Woe is unto me Thou shalt never see.   Despair, Despair, despair Viciously ripped, unaware   Beams of amity like the essence of air Flowed smoothly through destined to share So precious, so pearly, so diamondly rare Velvety threads of gentle care   Time has sought the light of th sun Time has sought the […]

America, America by Saadi Youssef

God save America, My home, sweet home! We are not hostages, America, and your soldiers are not God’s soldiers… We are the poor ones, ours is the earth of the drowned gods, the gods of bulls, the gods of fires, the gods of sorrows that intertwine clay and blood in a song… We are the […]

A Writer’s Pen by Sahiti Siddharth

A pen, when a writer holds A brand new chapter unfolds A few lines can make him the king It can make him fly on a single wing A writer without his pen Is like a leader without powers A writer without his pen Is like a garden without flowers A writer’s pen Makes him […]

A Traveller’s Guide to the East Indies by S. K. Kelen

A Traveller’s Guide to the East Indies by S. K. Kelen 1. To arrive anywhere tonight you travel a road lit only by fireflies to towns whose names really mean ‘tomb of a hundred martyrs’. Invisible birds sing tinkling vowels — words from a time before history invaded. Frogs roar louder and louder kick-starting a […]

A sense’s addiction to chocolate by SAAJIDA GORA

The sensual mouth’s craving desires are finding sweet addiction’s rapid fires, The enticing chocolate mounds of pure pleasure, melting in a fervent, passionate, river appealing rugged hazelnut mountains, swim in the oceans of chocolate fountains. Sensations so pure, desires so dreamy, A tantalizing taste, so eerily creamy. The earthy, nutty flavour splashing around, spreading sweet […]

A Father’s Hands by Scott Ransopher

A Father’s Hands by Scott Ransopher Men would bet upon her father’s hands. Could he pick up in just one fist A dozen eggs scattered on the table– One by one–cracking none? He’d reach his hand (stretched at five by Pulsing milk from freshened cows) And settle shells beneath knuckle’s crease. Then pressing oh so […]

Welcome To My World © by Shannen Wrass

Have you ever tried to cry But there’s no tears left to shed Have you ever seen the face of misery Or looked into the eyes of dread Have you ever gripped the pain Cause it’s all that’s left to hold Have you ever tried so hard to love But found, your heart was just […]

Time Out To Cry by Shannen Wrass

All alone at the end of the day The time, just a little past ten Evening has come for a short stay It’s time for her sorrow again The smile on her face she’s been holding Suddenly, she lets fall And the feelings begin unfolding She comes out of her personal wall As the world […]

The Wrath of Love by Shawn Ervin

The Wrath of Love by Shawn Ervin It was an autumn morn; the smell of passing in the air was born, For my love, I waited my life for this woman that I adore, In the distance, we heard a bell, towering high, the church of angel, A shriek was heard as time seemed to […]

The Voice of Woman by Shahida Latif

The Voice of Woman by Shahida Latif I am the being, who contains the whole entities, Of the mother and daughter, the sister and wife, And includes the alive buried history of mankind. I am the being, who sacrificed the life full of bliss, By tasting the flavour of forbidden fruit, fearing least For the […]

The Victory by Shahida Latif

The Victory by Shahida Latif Both the parties contest the game of blood, One kills hundred; the other hundred one, The other wins the victory only for the one, But who knows that two hundred and one Who are killed, each one is a mother’s son.

The Spring passing away by Shailendra Chauhan

The river is a river everyday The bridge everyday is a bridge The driver, jeep, contractor All the same … Why the mind doesn’t go beyond these? Looking around that day I witnessed the trees Passing away was the Spring. Passing over the Kurjan bridge I saw the sky full of clouds Expanding was the […]

The Ineffectual Dives by Shahida Latif

The Ineffectual Dives by Shahida Latif The World: a moving alive picture, A display, exhibition of pain, Saddening events and agonizing soreness, Where blood flows, shreds lay scattered, Amid the skeletons and dispersed skulls, Under the shadows of spurting mushrooms. A place where demons of troubles, Are nourished, fed and brought up, To make humanity […]

The Earth Trembles by Shahida Latif

The Earth Trembles by Shahida Latif The loathsome earth trembles, Under the load of humanity, At each step rises the wrath, With the surging waves of agony, Bringing ashore, Log-like limbless bodies, Colouring with blood, The coastal sands.

The Demon by Shawn Ervin

The Demon by Shawn Ervin This journey I make alone, down further into the brimstone, I enter the realm seeing nothing but anger and hate, A stench of death and decay, the feeling of the prey, Before it is destroyed by the hunter, the feeling it’s too late, It comes for me; I can feel […]

The Callous Statues by Shahida Latif

The Callous Statues by Shahida Latif The callous statues, Sitting in front of the computers: The calculating machines, Press the buttons to launch havocs, Can not calculate the magnitude, Of pangs, pains and sheerness of cries, When they fall with deafening explosions, Upon the heads of humanity: Mewling infants, schooling kids, Women old and young; […]

Sheppard’s Quest by Shawn Ervin

Sheppard’s Quest by Shawn Ervin They talk to me, they guide me to here, I push and push, but still they lead, Madness is creeping in, but still the voices feed, Feeding a drive, pushing me to near, The source, and still they lead, My soul is tearing, my sanity is sheared. They have guided […]

Selfish World, Selfish People by Shahbaz Khan

It’s an old wine Refilled in new bottle Summer selfish Winter selfish And so is rain. Friends are good But chance turns them selfish Don’t ask about love Love is itself selfish. Winter wind you are not remedy But a curse to these selfish people, selfish world. Blow, blow and increase the pain Selfishness all […]

Repentance by Shailendra Chauhan

Go to the tree Tell it what is right Go to the river Tell the water your fears of mind Idols carved on stones are there in temples Go and confess to them Although you wish to tell that to a person like you only But you are afraid he may tell this to somebody […]

“Wishing to float” by Seema Gupta

“Wishing to float” I wish to float rather than walkalong with treasure of your lovable talk when I rest my head against your chestthose moments seem heavenly and best my desires guarded with your existencemy fantasies enriched with your presence you are a lovelore engraved in my mindyour soft touches and whispers I always find […]

Serendipity by Seema Gupta

The moment few groaning stars descend on the beauty of nightMoonlight flickering too shyBe reduced in the arms of seaand Chill tippet of winds Scattered on the shoulders of the treewish you to become Moon Slipping from the stairs of the horizonto secretly write serendipity on my palmIn desire of which Cache of a few breathsare hiddenin the silence of […]

Tiny Warrior by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Tiny Warrior by Sharmagne Leland-St. John You never saw the spring my love Or the red tailed hawk circling high above On feathered wings my love You only knew the snow You never saw the prairie grasses bend and blow And undulate like the shimmering indigo sea You never saw me Your eyes were closed […]

Wild Dark Love Song by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Wild Dark Love Song by Sharmagne Leland-St. John Her man, A wild dark love song Borne deep within her gypsy soul He’s gone to live in jagged mountains Where salmon jump and sing In tarns High above The cloud lines Beyond the silver moon In the shadow of the Cader Idris In misty mountains Where […]

Evolution by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Evolution by Sharmagne Leland-St. John I swim near summer shadows glide over dappled shoals keeping to the fluid shallows reminiscent of the womb where I learned to swallow gulps of tantalising air in the amniotic sac where I shed scales preferring skin and hanks of auburn hair upon my head where I dispensed with fins […]

There Were Dry Red Days by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

There Were Dry Red Days by Sharmagne Leland-St. John by Sharmagne Leland-St.John There were dry red days Devoid of clouds Devoid of breeze Sound bruised My burning bones Dirt cracked my hands And caked my cheeks No buds on limbs of trees No birds on branches No hope of rain Scrawny chickens Kicked up dust […]

I Said Coffee by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

I Said Coffee by Sharmagne Leland-St. John I said coffee I didn’t say, “would you like to cup my warm soft breasts in your un-calloused, long, tapered, ring less fingered hands?” I said coffee I didn’t say, “would you like to run your tongue along my neck just below my left ear-lobe?” I said coffee […]

Peaceful Battles by Shekhar Srinivasan

“When He wants you to win, why sweat over those that don’t” The time for judgment had come, Ready to face the trial, Without being beguiled by emotion, Or perturbed by denial, Taking it with a smile on the face, With no guilt or remorse, For truth filled every ounce of effort, With win or […]

Passed Away Pain by Shalini Samuel

I was crawling deep down the woods Red, yellow, orange, green fruits smiling Flowers hanging above banged my head I was crawling, crawling and crawling * Days passed without a way out. Nights frightened me with darkness. Thorns and insects piercing my skin I started walking, walking and walking. * Rough became the forest terrain, […]

Pain Became My Friend Today © by Shannen Wrass

Pain became my friend today She showed me how to hide She’d been watching from a distance Every tear I cried Pain became my friend today She reached out her hand to me Then pulled me into darkness And introduced me to misery Pain became my friend today Emptying my heart Staying as my constant […]

Open sky by Shailendra Chauhan

They have closed the door and discussing and creating something I am sitting idly in the lawn under the open sky on green pious grass close to lamp-post Bicycles, motors, trucks are running in the street, I am unable to concentrate I listen to the pruning sound of shears Somebody is trimming the myrtle plants, […]

On the edge of time by Shailendra Chauhan

On the edge of time Withered is mind Lowered are Senses Cherished desire hangs Carefully like an arch Frigidity domineers Body and mind It’s hard To escape unarmed In this difficult time

Life-companion by Shailendra Chauhan

a poem on you Shall write the twenty years of an enigmatic past an epic unusual an enormous geography The tale of a river ever-flowing freely, perpetually It’s necessary to intonate the rippling sound of water Narrate the contentment Speak of the faith reverence and dedication And this too that a river be called a […]

Joker of the Pack by Shekhar Srinivasan

One card in a 52 pack, Is a joker with no knack, Should he be sacked for his lack, The system shall go off track, Wonder what keeps them ticking? Perhaps a tea spoon of tricking, Or a little bit of boot-licking, And a bottle full of mimicking, Smothering the scruples of honesty, Kissing the […]