The Wrath of Love

by Shawn Ervin

It was an autumn morn; the smell of passing in the air was born,
For my love, I waited my life for this woman that I adore,
In the distance, we heard a bell, towering high, the church of angel,
A shriek was heard as time seemed to stop and silent people began to roar,
Confusion and panic grasped my throat, and I watched my sweet Ellenore,
My love was no more.

I lost myself within her; life has no meaning to the one we were,
We just started our life to all in ruin, no reason, and what for,
Within my thoughts, yet another bell, I gazed to the sky and cursed him to hell,
She did nothing to deserve this crime, to end her life before,
Before you, I renounce you is what you deserve, my hate is yours,
My rage grew more and more.

The pain that you cause me and you take no blame, take responsibility,
For your actions I will hold against you and hate you evermore,
Growing louder was the bell and before me stood the angel of hell,
With my hate I spat at the angel, with my wrath I’ll wage war,
For all who stands before my broken heart I’ll show pain galore,
Spite, hatred, wickedness, and more.

The angel reached into my chest, crushing my heart none the lest,
Hell will be my home and cruelty will be my whore,
Faintly, in the distance a bell, towering high, the angel of hell,
And upon my death, I shall show no mercy, I have no mercy anymore,
You have stained my soul with your reckless will and virtue abhor,
My time grows with panic for spiritual bore.

As I sit full of death, I gasp for one last breath,
Collapsing, clutching my heart, I fall to the floor,
Suddenly I hear the bell, towering high, the angel of hell,
Has come to claim my soul, to torture and to gore,
To fill me full of poisons, blisters, and sores,
Irony, guilt, and more.

I tumble through the lights of amber, as I am singed by embers,
With a brilliant flash of blackness, I reach hell’s floor,
Growing louder is the bell, towering high, the angel of hell,
I lie on the floor in fear, feeling horror I begin to cry and cower,
A mist rose in to dissipate into the angel of God’s lore,
Fear, confusion, sorrow, and more.

As I wait with disdain the devil sits and watches in vain,
Thinking of a punishment to break me to the core,
He rose to chime a bell, towering high, the angel of hell,
Has come to burn my eyes, standing on legs of a boar,
While walking on a sea of souls, he approached the shore,
Pain, cruelty, and more.

He decided on a beast, his very own, and on my soul it’ll feast,
The ghastly horror of an animal causing suffering, while my pain is ignored,
He rang a second bell, towering high, the angel of hell,
Brought to me a creature with horns with smoke rising like spores,
And reeking of pestilence, it held the key to the gates of four,
Bringing fear, reverence, and more.

I was swept to dimensions, showing me all of evil’s pretensions,
I realized their cruelty doesn’t hold a candle to my gore,
Again, he chimed his bell, towering high, the angel of hell,
My instincts came to me so I could settle the scorn,
Amber filled my eyes and curiosity dug into my core,
I was afraid no more.

Fire shot from his ram, his pet, a weanling from the damned,
His eyes glowed red and his hoof stretched to the floor,
Around his neck, he wore a bell, towering high, the angel of hell,
Rose his hand, he twisted my soul, but it was my spirit he tore,
He drug me through all the gates, through every door,
I liked what I saw more and more.

My hate fueled my desire, and anger grew like the fire,
Of hell; it consumed me with delight, I wanted more,
I grew insane with the ringing bell, towering high, the angel of hell,
As the power grew inside of me, my love was poor,
I was blinded by rage and forgotten of my love, Ellenore,
My compassion dwindled more and more.

Claws grew from my hands, fitting; the angel in awe was sitting,
Waiting for me to rise against the beast, not knowing what I had in store,
I took from around his neck the bell, standing eye to eye with the angel of hell,
Attacking me with his malice, and his pain, I stared at the angel and asked for more,
He watched my eyes and soul grow with hate, and I begged for more,
I loved it more and more.

This angel may have been the first, but with my scorn, I shall be the worst,
I see weakness in him as he strikes me, I demanded for more,
I rang the bell, and towered above, the angel of hell,
Every strike pleasured me filling my soul, give me more,
I was addicted to the suffering; I rose reaching into the beast’s core,
Crushing his black heart, pain nevermore.

See this isn’t about fear or power, but the angel’s final hour,
All must come to an end, and in the ash, the start of a new lore,
And now that I hold the bell, towering high, am, I, the new angel of hell,
And I took the dark one by the throat and pulled his soul evermore,
And now that I lay his soul to waste, and take power over the demon moor,
The souls screamed no more, no more.

As insanity fuels my rage, adding to my book of souls page by page,
I will send my army to rape and pillage the world, and for,
My amusement I will hunt you, and stew you in your rue,
Wondering your grave and toil, with worlds of pain to explore,
So I ring my bell for you, and swallow the spirits, for
I am coming for your soul, with regret and malice and evil to the core.

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