tomorrow is already past…

Je ne t’ai pas trouvee tombe au meme amour
Ou tu dors allongee derivante en quels cieux
— Jean-Philippe Salabreuil

dark is the sleep. darker still the dream.
woodsmoke ghosts roam over remembrances
of shuttered childhood hills… James Wright
looms against the countryside banished to the
cold brooding fields of trembling earth-fallen

threadbare and wounded the night staggers on
its way. lost lips seek their lovers’ apparitions.
i seek the shelter of your eternal embrace now
so far away….

nocturnal blue flowers. melting moon. blossoms
of wind. your enigmatic nearness penetrates my
gusting dreams… sleep lights the torches behind
imaginary doors… one lingering rose petal undulates
from beyond the lake of night….

an ancient mist surrounds the land of returning where
memory is lost… i remember only that i have looked
for you… frayed by the wind i sought the tapestry of
deliverance containing your warmth….

from this emptiness between fog and shadow i saw your
face but could not reach you… woven from the images
masking the mirror of my lonely fatigue your gaze soothed
the abyss of my slumber… do you wait to touch my sleep…
will you stay… close to me….

Copyright ©:  Steve Troyanovich


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